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Top rated & honest plumbers in Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City offering high-quality plumbing services for residential and commercial clients!

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Looking for plumbers in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or most of the Clark County area?  You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC!

We are a trusted provider of plumbing in Las Vegas, offering top rated plumbing services for residential and commercial plumbing customers throughout Clark County and surrounding areas. We supply you with high quality residential and commercial plumbers without the high prices! No job is too big or too small for our plumbing team!

Residential Plumbing

Get trusted expert residential plumbing services at your convenience with Innovative Plumbing Pros. Our Las Vegas plumbers specialize in water heater repair, leak detection services and more!

Commercial Plumbing

Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC is your premier commercial plumbing company with experienced technicians in the greater Las Vegas area.

Service Plans

For preventative maintenance and routine care on your plumbing systems, trust Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC of Las Vegas with thorough plumbing inspections and annual service plans.



Plumbing Services We Offer

Innovative Plumbing Pros is a Las Vegas plumbing company providing services to Clark County residents (Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas & Boulder City). We are known for our superior customer service and affordable rates. With technicians having over 20 years of experience in the industry, our Las Vegas plumbers are ready to address any plumbing repair. We offer residential plumbing services and commercial plumbing services for customers in Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City Nevada. Our plumbers take pride in their work. More importantly, they rely on customer satisfaction! If you have a leaking faucet or need to replace a water heater, our Las Vegas plumbers are ready to help with your plumbing needs! They will give you a reliable diagnosis, detailed quote, and timely professional service.

We know that your time is valuable! All of our technicians use an innovative scheduling app on their phones so we will not miss any scheduled appointment. The plumber calls when they are on the way so you have an exact time for their arrival. We do not want plumbing repairs to be more inconvenient then they already are. It is therefore our goal to make your experience a great one!

Drain Cleaning – Unclog Drain – Hydro-Jetting

Snaking a line or using auger equipment does not always clear a clog. When these methods do not work, our Las Vegas plumbers can use other drain cleaning services. To clear those stubborn clogs, high pressured water (hydro-jetting) equipment can help.

Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Inspection, & Water Heater Replacement

Our technicians can work on gas, electric, power vent, or tank-less water heaters. Call us if you have a leaking water heater or a water heater that is not working properly. Our Las Vegas plumbers will be able to fix your heater quickly so you won’t miss your hot shower!

Tankless Water Heaters

Save money and energy while having an endless supply of hot water! These compact units come with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty and typically last 10 years longer than standard tank heaters. Contact Innovative Plumbing Pros today to inquire about installation of an energy star (highest rated) tankless water heater.

Sewer & Drain Inspection

When your pipes keep getting clogged, there may be an issue that cannot be seen above ground. Our Las Vegas plumbers use sewer cameras that can be ran through the pipes. These cameras will show what is causing the blocked pipe. They will also show exactly where it is in the ground.

Leak Detection

Hidden leaks will spike a water bill! The Innovative Plumbing Pros team specializes in locating the source of leaks by utilizing advanced detection equipment. With equipment providing the longest possible inductive locating capability, the technicians are ready to assess any situation.

Gas Line Repair

A gas line leak is definitely a cause for concern and needs to be resolved immediately. Our Las Vegas plumbers use techniques to accurately and quickly locate a gas leak and promptly repair it.

Water Main Line Repair

When a water line breaks, it requires prompt action to prevent water damage! Our technicians respond quickly to these emergencies to make the necessary repairs. Since we offer 24 hour emergency services, you can call our Las Vegas plumbers anytime if you need immediate services.

Preventative Maintenance

Innovative Plumbing Pros offer many services that can save a home owner time and money!
Please give Innovative Plumbing Pros a call for more tips and hints on preventative maintenance.

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Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC strives to provide customers with prompt, reliable plumbing services that are also affordable. Please contact us now to inquire about other plumbing services we provide such as fixture repair/replacement, garbage disposal installation, remodeling, new construction, and more!

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Top-Rated Plumbing Company: We strive to offer the best plumbing services possible and it is reflected in our customer reviews! The philosophy of our company is to build and retain customer relationships so we do everything possible to remain top rated by our customers. Additionally, Innovative Plumbing Pros has been listed as some of the BEST plumbers in Las Vegas & Henderson NV!

Recent achievements:

Listed as one of the TOP 7 best plumbers in Las Vegas – by & also as one of the 21 best plumbers serving Las Vegas on

Experienced Plumbers: Innovative Plumbing Pros is a licensed Las Vegas plumbing company in the state of Nevada in accordance with NAC 624.190. From residential plumbing systems to complex commercial plumbing systems, our plumbers have the knowledge and experience to help with any plumbing problem. With over 20 years of plumbing experience, we are well versed and familiar with UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) and stay updated on the guidelines set by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials).

Affordable: When a plumbing catastrophe occurs, our customers know that we will not take advantage of the circumstances. We offer affordable plumbing repairs even in emergencies, after hours and on weekends. When a repair is costly, financing options are available along with discounts and specials. Our Las Vegas plumbers even offer free plumbing advice on our “Ask a Plumber” page!

Scheduling Available 24/7: A live person is available in those urgent situations that needs immediate scheduling. When you call our team — even in the middle of the night or on the weekends — we provide the help you need. Our qualified technicians understand the urgency and are quick to resolve urgent plumbing issues.

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Testimonials For Our Plumbers

Had them come out for a plumbing leak from my warranty company . They were true professionals and only took a few minutes to diagnose the issue. This was actually the second plumbing company my warranty company sent out.The first company was unable to help us. Would definitely recommend this company and we will use them again with future plumbing problems.

Aj S. Yelp Review
Jose and his coworker arrived on time. I asked them to take their shoes off and they had shoe covers with them! They worked fast, were very clean and professional the whole time. They replaced cartridges in shower and tub fixtures and replaced leaking toilet flap. Will be using them again for future plumbing repairs. Strongly recommend.
Natasha L. Yelp Review
Anthony B. was exceptionally professional, kind, and a master of his craft… I would certainly recommend the work Anthony did to everyone.  The issue Anthony fixed was previously fixed by another technician 11 months earlier who failed to bring the correct parts.  I then had to fix it myself a couple months ago as well.  But when the leaked resurfaced this time I told Anthony what parts i thought needed to be replaced and he already had them with him as I was speaking to him on the phone.
Brad C. Yelp Review

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