When DIY Plumbing Goes Wrong!

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DIY Plumbing The world that we live in today has taken the idea of do-it-yourself projects very seriously. Not only do people take up minor-woodwork projects but also try their hands on electrical and plumbing repairing. It is not meant to discourage home owners from taking things in their hands but certain matters are best left for the professionals to handle, especially electric and plumbing repairs. Want to know why? Well, DIY plumbing projects can turn into major disasters. [...]

Preparing Your Plumbing for Colder Weather

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Sitting on a couch with a blanket on and a mug of hot chocolate in hand, we all love the coziness of the winters! Winter is around the corner so you may have already gotten your warm clothes out of storage or even had your heating system inspected…But did you prepare your home’s plumbing system? Well, with winters, you can expect and prepare for the colder weather but what you do not typically prepare for is preventative maintenance on [...]

Thanksgiving Day Tips From a Local Plumber

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is time to cook a delicious meal and have a family and friends gathering at your place. With turkey cooking and your loved ones coming over, what is there to be ungrateful about? In such happy times, there is one risk that is always hovering above our heads and can turn into a complete disaster anytime, and it is a plumbing problem. You might not believe it, but Thanksgiving is [...]

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist – Advice from a Local Plumber

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Home owners should perform regular inspections to prevent major repairs needed in a home.  Even the plumbing system requires regular maintenance checkups and repairs. Many of us do not pay attention to plumbing problems and later have to face costly repairs such as flooding or high water bills! Inspection of the plumbing system is essential, not just at the time of purchase of a house, but after every few months. Home ownership is a huge responsibility and maintaining [...]

Avoiding Plumbing Horrors This Halloween

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Halloween is that time of the year where the streets are crawling with people in spooky costumes and homes depicting a scene from a horror movie. It all sounds all exciting and fun but do you know what a real Halloween horror scene is? Leaky valves, rumbling noise from the pipes, odd smells, howling in the plumbing system, these are the scene from real horror which can ruin your Halloween! Everybody loves Halloween, and the plumbing horrors are not [...]

The Differences Between a Tankless Water Heater and a Standard Water Heater

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Is your water heater’s performance not as per your requirements? Has the existing water heater in your home old and no good? It is time that you get your water heater replaced! Getting your water heater repaired seems like an easy job, but it's not. Considering various factors before you can choose the perfect type of water heater in your home is essential! There are various types of water heaters available in Las Vegas, and choosing the perfect one [...]

Why Plumbing Inspections in Las Vegas Are Important Before Buying a Home!

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Found your dream house in Las Vegas? Has your search for “the perfect” house finally over? You might want to rethink that! For many people buying a house is the ultimate financial goal. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when searching for a house to purchase. Making emotional decisions is not the right approach. If you think you have found a house that is exactly what you were looking for, before proceeding any further with the deal, make [...]

The Dangers of Installing Your Own Water Heater

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With the trend of “Do It Yourself,” many people have found ways to save big on home repairs. On the one hand, the DIY trend is making it easy for people to save money; on the other hand, it is putting the lives of many people at risk. You fixed your wooden cabinet, repaired the paint of your walls yourself, and now you think you can take care of your water heater installation? Well, you are could be putting [...]

Preparing your plumbing for the Las Vegas summer heat

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Summer is all about fun in the sun? Well, wait till you get hit with some of the summer plumbing problems. When living in Las Vegas, there can be some significant plumbing problems due to the high temperatures of the summer months! The summer heat often exerts strain on pipes and plumbing fixtures, resulting in a massive plumbing hazard in your home! Winters are not the only season bringing problems for plumbing systems, but there are chances of getting caught [...]

Is your water pressure too high? What can happen if it is?

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Who doesn’t love a high-water pressure while showering? No one! Well, where at one hand people enjoy high-water pressure. On the other hand, it might be causing some serious plumbing problems that many of you might not know about! Many of us think high water pressure is something great but what we do not know is that it is making way for some serious problems for us. The Southern Nevada Water Authority is restricted to supply water to the residences [...]

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