How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Plumbing Fixtures and Why you Should?

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Do not like the unsightly water stains in your bathroom and kitchen sink? The white and brown stains that you find in your bathrooms and kitchens are due to the use of hard water. Hard water contains a high content of minerals such as lime, calcium, and silica. When hard water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind which stain the faucets, sinks, and tubs. These stains are unavoidable and can reduce the look of your bathroom and kitchen, which [...]

Homeowner’s Insurance and Plumbing Leak Damage – What Do They Cover?

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You arrive home from running errands, toting bags full of groceries & open the door to see water pouring from the ceiling of your two-story home!  Frantic, you drop everything and run upstairs to see that there is a leak coming from the guest bathroom which has now caused so much water damage that you are in tears.  Hopefully, you have homeowner’s insurance in place, but you are not sure who to call or where to start.  Naturally, you [...]

Top Reasons for Water Leaks in Your Henderson Home

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Water leaks are one of the homeowners' most-feared problems. The damage which can arise from water-related problems can be widespread and very costly to repair. Even when a leak does not pose an immediate danger to the structures of a home, it can escalate water usage and drive up the water bill. To make matters worse, water leaks are not the easiest of problems to spot; they can go on for long periods without being detected. You could possibly [...]

Why is DYI drain cleaning NOT a good idea?

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The world that we live in today is full of individuals that think that they can do everything on their own and save money on repairs and replacements. All thanks to the thousands of Do-it-Yourself circulating on the internet. DIY does sound fun and a very attractive option for all those who are looking for ways they can cut down on their expenses. Woodwork projects and home décor DIY projects are fun and cannot cause any trouble. There are [...]

Plumbing Tools All Homeowners Should Have

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Plumbing issues arise when you least expect them to happen. In the majority of the cases, the homes are not prepared to handle the mess plumbing problems cause. Life is unpredictable, and you never know when you find yourself standing in knee-deep flooding sewage water. The right approach in such cases is to take the necessary precautions beforehand and to be prepared well beforehand. Thinking of how to start preparing for an unexpected bad-plumbing problem? Well, the key is [...]

How to Avoid Clogged Pipes in Las Vegas

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How to Avoid Clogged Pipes Clogged drains are crappy (literally)! Little can be more embarrassing then when you have company over and the toilets won’t flush!  Clogged drains can be a headache, no matter when it occurs! It is important to address a clogged drain problem as soon as possible! Neglecting it for long would put you in a very difficult situation, coming out of which may be a costly process! Dealing with clogged drains brings with itself a [...]

History of Plumbers & Plumbing

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Can you imagine a life without a plumbing system at your home? Obviously, none of us can. A plumbing system is such a basic requirement that we do not even think about a life without them. Well, there was a time where there were no proper plumbing systems or arrangements. Things began to take shape with the advent of ancient civilizations including Greek, Persians, and Roman. The quality of plumbing arrangements and the advanced sanitary that we use today were [...]

Virtual Plumbing Help

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Plumbers are Essential Workers: Plumbers are considered essential for the sanitation needs of the community and therefore most plumbing companies have been remaining open during this COVID-19 pandemic but are restricting their hours and face-to-face contact.  Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC from Henderson, NV is no different, limiting services to critical repairs needed during this time.  However, there are going to be situations that may not be considered emergencies and the public will still need help!  How are homeowners supposed [...]

Do Not Flush That!

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Not All Things Are Flushable: With the recent toilet paper shortage, people are coming up with alternative methods for “wiping”.  Some consumers have chosen tissues while others are using paper towel, napkins or even baby wipes.  Well, it is important to know that not all things are considered “flushable” even if they are advertised to be. Why All Paper Products Are NOT Created Equally: Toilet paper is specifically made to disintegrate and break up [...]

Installing a Bidet Will Save You from the Toilet Paper Crisis!

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With the Coronavirus outbreak, consumers have begun to stock up on everything which has wiped out toilet paper from the store shelves and even online stock!  Well, the plumbers at Innovative Plumbing Pros have a solution for you in this time of despair.  You need to install a bidet and asap! What is a Bidet? A bidet is a unique toilet that gently sprays water on your “bottom area” eliminating the need to wipe with toilet paper!  Thus, no [...]

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