Alex asked 9 months ago

Hello! I have a hot water pressure issue only in my kitchen faucet. After we tested every part of every line and connection and found no issue, we assumed it was the line from the faucet which was about 10 years old. We bought a new faucet and installed it and the hot water pressure was back to normal or at least close to it. Slowly over the last few weeks the hot water pressure has gotten worse and is back to very low pressure. We again tested every part of the line and can find no problem. I thought it was sediment that got into the hot water line of the faucet, but I was able to backflow the water and got good pressure out of the line. I am at a loss for what could be the problem. Please help! Thanks.

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Tiffany Corrales Staff answered 9 months ago

Hello there:
This is definitely a weird one and may require a site visit from a plumber. There could be a couple possibilities. It could be that the water heater has sediment built up and is slowly getting into the kitchen line or possibly a water softener that was plumbed to that line and is failing (though water softeners are not supposed to be plumbed to drinking water locations). Without visiting the site, this is a hard one to assess.