Belinda asked 11 months ago

my water heater is sick. the hot water started running very slow. this morning i have virtualy no hot water coming out of any faucet. i have cold water running. the unit is not leaking. any idea what is wrong? i hope is not a replacement needed especially this time of the year. thanks

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Tiffany Corrales Staff answered 11 months ago

Hello there:
When a water heater is not producing hot water, there are a few different components that could be failing.  Your water heater has different operating parts – depending on whether your water heater is gas (could be a thermal couple or a gas control valve) or electric (could be an upper or lower element failing).  There may also be an internal leak that you cannot see.  You may attempt to call the manufacturer of the unit to troubleshoot the issue, but it would be best for you to contact a licensed plumber to take a look and assess the situation.  A lot of plumbing companies even offer free estimates once you do find out what the issue is.  Best of luck with your repair!