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Break through the clogs in your pipes and sewer lines with Innovative Plumbing Pros and our Henderson hydro jetting service. This innovative method is head-and-shoulders better than any do-it-yourself solution you can buy over the counter at the store.

Hydro jetting in Henderson NV is where our team uses high-pressure water jets (roughly 4,000 PSI) to break through blockages in your pipes and sewer lines. This method is preferable for a variety of reasons.

  • Effective: It’s unbelievable how effective high-pressure water can be in clearing blockages. Everything from gunk, sludge, debris, grease and even roots — all of these can slow or block your pipes but our water jetting in Henderson NV opens them back up.
  • Eco-friendly: Think about all the harsh chemicals that are in traditional drain cleaner. That stuff is not easy on the environment. Our Henderson hydro jetting utilizes water — and that’s it. We don’t introduce anything synthetic into the environment.
  • Affordable: Similarly, because hydro jetting in Henderson NV doesn’t require a lot of resources, it can be relatively affordable. You can contact our staff and get a free quote on your service right now.

Don’t let your pipes and sewer lines build up with gunk. So often, people wait until their pipes are slow or completely clogged to call in professional plumbing in Henderson NV. But, really, you can work with Innovative Plumbing well before that, using this helpful service to keep your pipes clean so they don’t have the chance to clog up.

Call in the certified clog busters!

Innovative Plumbing is ready to go to work for you, clearing out your pipes and sewer lines. See how effective our Henderson hydro jetting service can be by scheduling your service appointment. Our team is standing by to help you schedule it.