It is sure to happen to everyone at one point or another.  You drop something down a drain or a toilet.   It can be anything from a toothbrush to a bobby pin.  Often it can be children that drop a toy in the toilet and it gets stuck or you have your ring slip and it slips down the drain.  Here are a few suggestions for getting the item removed.

According to the best option is to use a zip-it tool to reach down the drain and remove the clog.  You can get these tools at any home supply store.  They are flexible rods of plastic that have barbs on them and will pull most objects back out the drain.  They are inexpensive and very handy.

If that doesn’t work the next option is a strong wet/dry vacuum.  Many times you can get the hard object to come free with the suction of a wet/dry vacuum.   Make sure you have a flexible hose and it will work better if nozzles can be fully inserted into the pipe.

Last option is to remove the pipes and fish for the clog.  You will usually find it in the bend of the pipe.  This one takes a little more skill and patience and in many cases you may feel more comfortable calling a professional plumber to retrieve the item and remove the clog.

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