With the Coronavirus outbreak, consumers have begun to stock up on everything which has wiped out toilet paper from the store shelves and even online stock!  Well, the plumbers at Innovative Plumbing Pros have a solution for you in this time of despair.  You need to install a bidet and asap!

What is a Bidet?

A bidet is a unique toilet that gently sprays water on your “bottom area” eliminating the need to wipe with toilet paper!  Thus, no need to rush to the store when you’re running low or fight the current crowds to MAYBE get a roll of two-ply since none of the good stuff is left!

Benefits of a Bidet

A bidet has more benefits than saving you from the current epidemic:

  • Better for cleaning than toilet paper wiping
  • Lowers the impact on the environment
  • Reduces household waste (saving money in the long-run)
  • Prevents clogs in the drain pipes from too much TP
  • More comfortable and better for your skin

How a Bidet Helps with the Toilet Paper Crisis

Obviously, the bidet is a sound choice to permanently eliminate the need for toilet paper!  Once this epidemic is over and the toilet paper shelves are stocked again, you will not have to stress about lack of TP ever again!

So, there’s no need to continue the panic!  Just call a local plumber to have a bidet installed and you will never need to worry about buying toilet paper again!