Who doesn’t love a high-water pressure while showering? No one!

Well, where at one hand people enjoy high-water pressure. On the other hand, it might be causing some serious plumbing problems that many of you might not know about! Many of us think high water pressure is something great but what we do not know is that it is making way for some serious problems for us.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is restricted to supply water to the residences at a pressure of 80psi or 5.5bar. But in some cases, this does not happen. To address their own needs, such as for supplying water to high elevation buildings or fire hydrants, the water supplier raises the water pressure above 100psi, making way for some serious plumbing problems!

Physical Plumbing Problems

One of the many high water pressure plumbing problems includes water leakage from faucets, showers or the toilet’s flushing system. The banging of pipes or water hammer is another problem when the water in the pipes comes in contact with the valves a loud banging noise is produced, which can be very irritating on the ears and likely shocking the first time it happens.

Also, due to high water pressure, the pipelines get eroded over time, paving the way for significant plumbing problems, decreasing the total lifespan of water heaters, washing machines and other appliances. In extreme cases, the issue of high water pressure can cause water tank explosions that can be very damaging.

Moreover, excessive water pressure from the water suppliers can lead to wire draw leaks at the pressure regulators, causing these pressure regulators to fail. And of course, water wastage, which we do not take notice of, is also a result of higher water pressure, which may add up to become a not-so-ignorable problem for the world!

Expensive Plumbing Problems

For residential buildings which have a sewer charging system based on the water usage meter, may expect to pay higher bills for the sewer system. In addition to the increased sewer bill costs, high water pressure may raise heating costs. Due to higher water pressure, the amount of cold water flowing through a home is more than usual, increasing the total operating costs of the heating system.

Coping with High Water Pressure

It is a wise approach to test the water pressure in your homes using a gauge so that necessary precautions can be taken beforehand. If not addressed on time, it can result in some severe plumbing problems. Here is what you can do to prevent serious plumbing issues due to high water pressure;

As soon as you realize that the water pressure in your home is higher than usual and is causing leakage, it is best to reseal these pipes or replace the older pipes with the newer ones. Installing a pressure regulation valve is a smart move as it regulates the water pressure to normal, reducing any risk associated with high water pressure. Even this is not a permanent solution because, with time, these pressure regulating valves fail, this is why regular inspections must be arranged.