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Plumbers Bloggin’

Innovative Plumbing Pros will post plumbing tips and tricks in our blog posts.  Our expert Las Vegas plumbers blog about DIY projects and will post commentaries on funny plumbing photos or facts.  This blog spot is an “anything goes” within plumbing topics.

We encourage our readers to leave comments and add to the topic if they can!

Slab Leak Detection

May 23rd, 2017|

Slab leaks are hidden under the concrete foundation of your home, it is harder to notice them.   Luckily, there are some signs to look for: High water bills: This does not necessarily mean that you have a slab leak, but [...]

Water Heater Choices

May 7th, 2017|

Whether your current water heater is on its last leg or you just want to upgrade the appliance for something new and more cost effective, you realistically have two options: standard or tankless. Your standard water heater is the large, [...]