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Need a North Las Vegas plumber? Our experienced technicians are here to help!  Please refer to our plumbers main page for more about the company.

Here at Innovative Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing the very best plumbing services by seasoned North Las Vegas plumbers. It’s important to have an honest, reliable and affordable plumbing service that is quick to respond in emergency situations.  Our North Las Vegas plumbers take pride in offering this superior service to our customers!

With our plumbing services in North Las Vegas NV, our customers can expect:

  • Responsiveness: Our North Las Vegas plumbers are quick to react to your needs. Whether it’s an emergency situation, or an inconvenient plumbing repair that is needed, our goal is to get a qualified professional to your property right away.
  • Accommodating: Plumbing needs come in all different forms, from clogged pipes and drains to broken water lines. We offer full-service by our qualified North Las Vegas plumbers. Including 24 hour emergency response!
  • Affordable: This is a sticking point for so many residential and commercial clients that are currently shopping for plumbing services in North Las Vegas NV. Innovative Plumbing Pros will provide quality service for affordable prices.  Our customers are provided with a quote from our North Las Vegas plumbers who will guarantee no hidden fees!

North Las Vegas Plumbing Services:

Innovative Plumbing works with both residential and commercial clients. We are perfectly capable of handling the needs of even the most complex plumbing systems. Aside from repairs and maintenance, we also can assist with new construction projects by installing plumbing components with precision and care.


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See for yourself how affordable and reliable our North Las Vegas plumbing repair service is. We also take pride in our high rankings on Yelp and Home Advisor!  Connect with a customer care agent on our team and they will answer your questions and address any concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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