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Quality North Las Vegas water line break repair is essential if, and when, you face this plumbing issue. The main water and sewer lines bring in water to your home and send out the sewage. This component of your plumbing system gets a lot of use, which is why they can slowly develop leaks.

Las Vegas Plumbing offers water and sewer line repair in North Las Vegas NV, addressing the problems in these crucial components and making sure that they are working properly and efficiently.


Addressing your water line problems in a thorough fashion

We follow a strict process following a North Las Vegas main line break. It’s one that ensures you get the repairs that you need. It includes:

  • Assessing your water line: We offer thorough leak detection in North Las Vegas NV that is used to find cracks and leaks in your water line. Using high tech tools, we are able to discover even those hard-to-spot leaks.
  • Administering repairs: We strive for non-invasive North Las Vegas water line break repair, which means that we won’t tear up your property to get at the water line and make the appropriate fixes.
  • Inspection: Once our water and sewer line repair in North Las Vegas NV has been administered, we will inspect your water and sewer lines to make sure that they are in proper, working order.

It’s not always easy to detect problems in your main water line, so if you’re curious as to the current state of yours, then give our staff a call.

Las Vegas Plumbing can offer you a free inspection and then follow up with any needed North Las Vegas water line break repair services. We look forward to serving you.