Plumber at Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC performs a sewer camera inspection in Las Vegas.

Plumber Performs Sewer Camera Inspection:

*Tip:  It is a good idea to have a sewer camera inspection when you purchase a new home or even periodically to assure there are no issues within your sewer pipes.  A sewer camera inspection will catch problems with your sewer line before causing any damage to your property.  When a sewer line is clogged, you may need a camera to see what is causing the issue.  Our innovative technology allows us to not only see into the pipe, but to also record the footage for our customers to keep.  Whether it’s an insurance adjuster looking for for a camera inspection for a property damage claim, or a prospective home buyer reassuring the sewer lines are not bad before making their offer, Innovative Plumbing Pros can help with your sewer camera inspection today!