Garbage disposals were first invented in 1927, and first entered the marketplace in 1940. Many US cities had regulations which prohibited any food waste from being put into the sewage system. In fact, it wasn’t until 1997 that New York City’s ban on garbage disposals was rescinded!

Most of us (about 50% of US citizens) are extremely happy with our garbage disposals, but when they go on the fritz we’re quite unhappy. Some people try to repair their garbage disposals themselves, and if it’s a very simple repair they may be successful. Las Vegas NV plumbing services would like to advise you that there are many garbage disposal repairs that should be handled by professionals.

You can try some do-it-yourself fixes before calling a plumber. These fixes include resetting it, freeing it up by using a hex-wrench, and moving the blades manually. If these fixes don’t work, it might be time to call a plumber. Plumbing service is needed if the disposal is seized up, makes a humming sound, or is leaking. Other problems that should be addressed by a plumber are if something is stuck inside the disposal, if a strong smell is present, or if your disposal is old, clogged, or not chopping up any food.

If you have an object stuck inside your disposal, like a fork or a particularly fibrous food item (like celery), don’t try to remove it yourself if it’s really jammed up. If you have a clog of fibrous tissue, dirt, congealed grease, etc., it’s safer to call a plumber. Professional plumbers will know the right products to use that won’t damage your drains. They’ll also know how to snake the lines and clean out the P-trap.

Your disposal might need some electrical work, and this is best performed by a professional. Las Vegas NV plumbing services professionals can install a light residential model garbage disposal or a heavy grade commercial foodservice disposal in the blink of an eye. Remember that garbage disposals are eco-friendly, reduce the amount of waste management, and don’t create any CO2 gas.