Plumbing Inspections Save Money:

The year 2020 is finally here!  Have you been able to stick to your new year resolutions?

Were you smart enough to make a resolution to be a savvy homeowner?  If so, you will likely want to maintain your plumbing system so that repairs don’t drain your bank like they may have last year!

Plumbing problems can create havoc in your home and when things get out of hand, these can even strip you of your hard-earned savings! So, what to do?

Well, it is time that you call a professional plumber for a thorough plumbing inspection at your home!  By catching leaks early or assuring the water shut off valves work properly, you can save money on plumbing repairs this year!

Inspecting the Sewer Lines


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One of the most crucial plumbing inspections your home needs is of the sewer line by having a licensed plumber perform a sewer camera inspection. Many homeowners miss out on these inspections when purchasing their homes, later to find out that the sewer line is cracked or corroded.

Broken sewer lines or root intrusion can negatively impact the flow of water through the pipes. It even leads to water leaks in the internal system that causes seepage into the walls or backups in the home. Therefore, make sure you get a sewer camera inspection prior to purchasing a home or if you believe you have any slow drainage issues within your home.

Inspecting Plumbing Fixtures for Water Leaks

You might not realize, but water leaks within a home can turn costly! In worst cases flooding situations, it can even make you abandon your home while repairs are being made. The leaky pipes or fixtures within your plumbing system are much more serious than you think.


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Your water bill will definitely increase and the local Water District will eventually send you a warning letter regarding high water usage. If toilets and faucets are inspected annually for leaks, it can prevent issues like this! Hire a professional plumbing service provider and make sure that there are no leaky pipes or faucets in your home.

Inspecting Water Heater

Can you imagine your life without a functioning hot water heater…especially in the winter? Well, who can compromise on a refreshing morning hot shower, so why risk it? Another vital plumbing inspection that will help you save money on plumbing repairs is that of the water heater in your home.

If you leave your home’s water heater unaddressed for a long time, the chances of rust accumulation on the pipes are high. It can create a problem for you and cause a leak in your home and possible property damage. To avoid the costly repair and replacement of water heaters, you need to ensure that these appliances are working just fine and are not showing any signs of damage.

Additionally, water heater shut off valves should be inspected to assure they are functioning properly.  When that water heater does go out, you want to assure you can turn the water off to the water heater or you will need to shut the water off to your home.


plumbing tips from henderson plumbers, innovative plumbing pros llc

Inspecting Water Shut Off Valves

What happens when you failed to have a plumbing inspection and something does start to leak in your home?  Would you know how to turn off the water to that fixture, or in worse cases turn off the water to the home…and do they work? It is important to have the angle stops (shut offs) and main water valve inspected periodically to assure you can shut the water off to prevent flooding in those nightmare plumbing situations!


Having inspections on your home is essential to prolong the life of fixtures and to prevent major repairs in the future.  It’s like having an annual checkup with your doctor, this is an annual checkup for the home!  These are the most important plumbing items that should be inspected periodically and you should hire a professional plumbing company to do it!