Septic tanks process and accumulate household sewage. Over time the sludge will build up until there is no more space. This scenario can reduce the tank treatment efficiency and start to raise some issues.

Suppose the septic tank will not function correctly. In that case, the untreated wastewater tends to overflow to the disposal area, causing it to fail, creating a boggy, smelly garden. When this happens, it will require a replacement or expensive maintenance.

Septic tanks require periodic or regular maintenance, including desludging by a pump-out truck to function correctly and prevent costly maintenance. However, it is difficult for the service provider to conduct maintenance and desludging without access to the septic tank.

Over the years, many building owners have had access problems associated with their sewage tanks, including septic and aerobic tanks. Performing regular or periodic maintenance of these tanks is necessary as a part of any management program. Thus, septic tanks need to have access hatches like floor access hatches that allow septic tank professional cleaners to have safe access to all compartments and corners to clean it properly.

Safe Access to Septic Tank

This septic tank access requires at least 20 inches in diameter opening that allows the ability to clean the tank properly. This access hatch provides easy and safe access, including tank baffles to professional cleaners during regular or periodic inspection and maintenance.

Most service providers have difficulty accessing the tank as septic tanks don’t have any hatch, and the effluent screen is under the lid. Indeed, septic tank installers strongly suggest that building owners incorporate access hatches as it is essential for making the septic inspection and maintenance quick and easy.

Safety and Quick Maintenance of Septic System

The main goal of incorporating access hatches in septic tanks is to provide safe access to the service provider. Providing secure access to septic tanks means maintenance is quick and easy, and the service provider will not hunt for an hour or more looking for an access point of the tank.

However, access hatches are not limited to providing safe access. They also secure the tank and prevent any unauthorized person’s entry and keep items or debris from falling into the septic tank itself.

As we can notice almost every year, we can read or see in the news about some family members, especially the kids who accidentally fall into the septic tank that is seriously injured or have fatal results. Floor access hatches can prevent this from happening as they will secure those access points.

Efficiently Secure and Block the Lids

These tanks need frequent inspections to check their condition. After these inspections and repairs, they need to have secured lids to prevent safety and sanitary issues. Floor access hatches secure the septic tank lid and blocks efficiently.

Installing floor hatches provides a lot of benefits to building owners and maintenance personnel. It offers ease during maintenance and inspection, secures entry from unauthorized personnel for safety purposes, and prevents debris from falling into the tank. Finally, make sure to get them at a reputable store, and don’t forget to consult with a professional plumbing company before making any decision.