State of NevadaNevada is the 36th state to be added to the US in 1864 and is located in the Mid-Western region.  With a population of nearly 3 million residents as of 2015, it is known as the Silver State but has also been referred to as the Sagebrush State and Battle Born State.  Since 1864, the state of Nevada has been famous for the finding of the Comstock Lode which is the richest known silver deposit in the United States.

Most of Nevada has desert terrain located mostly in the Great Basin and the neighboring states are Oregon, Idaho, California and Arizona.  Until the mid-20th century, Nevada was the least populated state.  Legalization of gambling and easy-going marriage & divorce laws made Nevada a more popular tourist destination.  Nevada is also the only state where prostitution is currently legal, though it is not permissible in all counties.

Tourism is now the largest industry in Nevada with over $56 million visitors in 2016.  Gambling is the main tourist attraction with the Las Vegas strip being a major destination for travelers.  Mining also plays a significant role in the Nevada economy since it is the fourth largest gold producer in the world.

Nevada also offers beautiful scenery.  Lake Tahoe is on the border of California and Nevada and provides a perfect getaway from city life.  From hiking to fishing, Lake Tahoe is a perfect place for the outdoors person.  There are many other hiking options throughout Nevada as well thanks to the surrounding mountains.  Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston are two well-known hiking areas in Clark County NV.

Nevada is a diverse state that offers both residents and tourists many different options for activities.  Whether you are like staying indoors or venturing outside, Nevada can be a solution to multiple needs.  With many options for family friendly activities or the lone-wolves who prefer quality time by themselves, Nevada is suitable for anyone!

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