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Plumber tips – Learn The Ins and Outs of Garbage Disposals

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  Garbage disposals were first invented in 1927, and first entered the marketplace in 1940. Many US cities had regulations which prohibited any food waste from being put into the sewage system. In fact, it wasn't until 1997 that New York City's ban on garbage disposals was rescinded! Most of us (about 50% of US citizens) are extremely happy with our garbage disposals, but when they go on the fritz we're quite unhappy. Some people try to repair their garbage [...]

How to fix garbage disposal – DIY Plumbing

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Before calling your local Las Vegas plumber, try to fix your garbage disposal by using these three methods. Fix garbage disposal by resetting it Most garbage disposals have a reset button on the bottom of it.  If you notice a humming sound, it could be that it isn’t getting power.  Sometimes pushing that button will be an easy and quick fix. Fix garbage disposal by freeing-it IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you turn off the unit by unplugging it or [...]