Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is time to cook a delicious meal and have a family and friends gathering at your place. With turkey cooking and your loved ones coming over, what is there to be ungrateful about?

In such happy times, there is one risk that is always hovering above our heads and can turn into a complete disaster anytime, and it is a plumbing problem. You might not believe it, but Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year for local plumbers. Plumbing problems rise by 50% on Thanksgiving alone! There are so many cases where a Thanksgiving gathering turned into a disaster due to a plumbing problem.

Instead of worrying this Thanksgiving, it is best to prepare for the worst. If you want to stay safe from plumbing disasters this Thanksgiving, make sure you follow the following tips!

Don’t Pour Fats, Oils or Grease into the Sink

While cooking, you want to assure that you are disposing of the fatty substances properly.  Do NOT ever pour grease into the sink.  The best way to dispose of cooking oils is to let them cool after use then put it into another container before finally throwing it into an outdoor trash bin.


*Added tip – wipe off the grease from your pans before washing them to avoid clogs and then inevitably drain cleaning

Avoid Throwing Food Down the Drain

Sink plumbing

After you have finished your delicious meal, and it is time to clean up, throw away the leftovers on the plates rather than tossing them into the sink. Throwing them into the sink may seem like the most convenient and efficient way to clean up the mess, but it will create a completely horrendous situation.  A clogged drain is one of worst plumbing nightmares, and it can turn into a disastrous situation at any time of any day.

Ensure the Disposal is Running

Putting the leftovers in the disposal? It seems like a smart idea, but it can turn into a complex plumbing issue.  Some smaller food particles can be rinsed off and disposed of in this manner, but turkey bones and skin are definitely not made to go through disposal blades. A garbage disposal can pave the way for a massive plumbing issue if you do not take the necessary steps to prevent failure.

Thanksgiving means a lot of food leftovers and loads of garbage. If you are going to use the garbage disposal, assure that it is working effectively BEFORE the meal.  Additionally, do not run the dishwasher if the garbage disposal is not working because there could be an underlying issue that will affect both appliances.

*Tip, always run water when using the garbage disposal to prevent calling a plumber for garbage disposal repairs

Do Not Forget to Use a Sink Strainer

Drain stopper for plumbing

Drain stopper for plumbing

If you do not have one already make sure you add a sink strainer to your Pre Black Friday shopping list. It is essential equipment that will save you from the dangers of plumbing issues, especially on Thanksgiving Day!

While washing dishes, the chances of solid food entering the drains are high. To prevent any leftovers from entering the drain, use a sink strainer. It will help you steer clear of clogged drains this holiday!

Take a 10-Minute Break Between Showers

Thanksgiving means a lot of guests, and some might even stay overnight. Using the shower frequently can clog the drain as the hair does not get time to disperse and dispose of itself in the drain.  Make sure to allow a ten-minute break between each shower to avoid a clogged drain.

We at Innovative Plumbing Pros really hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day to the fullest which is why we are helping provide you with these awesome plumbing tips!  If all else fails and your holiday does get hit with a plumbing disaster, do not fret!  There is always a local plumber that you can call to assist you and get the celebration going again!