Is your water heater’s performance not as per your requirements? Has the existing water heater in your home old and no good? It is time that you get your water heater replaced! Getting your water heater repaired seems like an easy job, but it’s not. Considering various factors before you can choose the perfect type of water heater in your home is essential!

There are various types of water heaters available in Las Vegas, and choosing the perfect one is a tough option. Out of the five main types of water heaters that include; condensation, electrical, conventional, and tankless water heaters, the conventional and the tankless are the most commonly installed in Las Vegas!

Differences between Tankless Water Heaters and a Standard Water Heater

Confused between a conventional water heater and a tankless water heater? Well, we have compiled a list of factors that will help you choose which ones the perfect choice for you!

Working Phenomenon

The most obvious difference between the two types is that the standard water heater comes with a tank while a tankless doesn’t. Commonly the standard storage tanks come in capacity ranging from 30 to 60 gallons. The standard water heater uses natural gas, fuel oil, or electricity to heat the water in its tank continuously. Which means that it is a continuous contributor in your electricity, fuel, or gas bills. Unlike the standard water heaters, these have a heat exchanger which rapidly heats the water in the unit when required.

Space Coverage

When talking about the space the heaters cover, the smallest size available is almost 5-feet tall and 2-feet wide. If you do not have a basement, it will cover a huge area in your home, especially if the tank is of a higher capacity than 55 gallons. You can simply mount the tankless water heaters on the walls, which means you save the floor space. At an average, these water heaters are no more than 2 feet tall.

Price and Installation

The standard tank water heaters are less expensive as compared to the tankless water heaters. The cost of standard ones may range from $570 to $600, while the cost of tankless water heaters goes as high as $1,150. The installation costs are different, as well. For a standard water heater, it may vary from $600 to $800, and for the installation of tankless water heaters, the cost may go as high as to $1,500.

Making the Decision: Tankless or Standard?

As the tankless water heaters are advanced water heaters, they are more efficient than the standard ones. If you are planning to get your standard water heater replaced with tankless one, be prepared to spend a huge sum of money! If you want to get the standard one in your home, it does have a few benefits such as low initial cost and is easily replaceable. A smart solution for homes in Las Vegas is to choose a  tankless water heater which will help you save good money in the long-run, takes very less space, has a life longer than the traditional water heaters, and will only consume fuel, or electricity while in use.