Drain Cleaning / Unclog Drain / Hydro-Jet Cleaning Services:

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Drain Cleaning Services for Las Vegas & Surrounding Areas:

Innovative Plumbing Pros provides drain cleaning & hydro-jet services to unclog drains for our Clark County customers!  Do you have a clogged drain?  Can’t clear that stubborn clog yourself?  No worries – When you cannot clear a blocked pipe with traditional options, the Las Vegas plumbing pros at Innovative Plumbing have other methods for drain cleaning.

Unclog Drain Information:

Causes of a clogged drain– Pipes tends to get clogged with typical “build up” within the pipes such as hair and grease.  Kitchen sinks will start to clog when grease is put down the drain or starchy food like pasta.  Bathroom drains are commonly clogged with hair and debris.  Over time, these items will restrict the flow of water, causing the drains to be clogged.

Unclog Drain Yourself– There are a few methods that can be performed yourself to try to clear the drain.  Of course, a standard plunger can be used to unclog a toilet or even unclog a sink.  This method typically works with minor obstructions.  If you own a snake, some people can clear the drain by running it through a clean-out.  We don’t recommend using drain cleaning liquid such as Drano before it will damage pipes after time.

When to Call a Licensed Las Vegas Plumber to Unclog Drain:

las vegas drain cleaning - las vegas hydro-jettingWhen all other methods have failed, it is time to call Innovative Plumbing Pros.  Also, if you notice that the issue is re-occurring then you should call a licensed Las Vegas plumber to see why.  Chances are there is another issue requiring attention.

What our plumbers can do to unclog a drain:

Snaking or Augering– When a plunger just won’t clear the drains, our plumbers are equipped with commercial grade snaking and auger equipment that can push through debris most of the time.

Hydro-jetting– When all else fails, hydo-jet equipment is used to forcefully spray water into the pipes to effectively clear whatever is causing the clog in the pipe.  Please refer to our Hydro-jetting FAQs page to learn more about the hydro-jetting process.

We understand how stressful a stubborn clog can be!  Whether the cause is roots, grease, typical scum build up, or foreign objects; Innovative Plumbing Pros will be able to assist with clearing up the problem.  Give us a call today so one of our licensed Las Vegas plumbers can effectively unclog your drain!

If you feel that drain cleaning / hydro-jetting is needed in your home or have any other questions regarding the procedure, then please contact our office to schedule your appointment!

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