Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC is a plumbing company that strives to inform and educate the population that we serve!  We like to share information and help spread awareness of events or movements that affect those around us.  Today, we are acknowledging World Toilet Day, which is recognized every year on the 19th day of November.  The goal of this movement is to raise awareness of the global sanitation predicament and help inspire people to take action.

The Sanitation Problem:

There are approximately 4.2 billion people who live in this world that do not have safely managed sanitation services.  This means that many people are not able to properly dispose of their human waste.  In addition to defecating in unsanitary methods, young girls and women do not have proper ways to dispose of their hygienic items as well.

The Goal: No One Left Behind

By 2030, the Sustainable Development Goal #6 is to eliminate open defecation and ensuring everyone has access to sustainable sanitation services. By expanding access to safe toilets and drawing attention to the areas that are affected, we can help ensure everyone has access to proper sanitation!

What Can You Do To Help:

Improving hygiene awareness is important.  As an individual, you can SPREAD THE WORD and educate the population about the lack of sustainable sanitation around the world.  Write lawmakers and take action!  Make others people aware of the social, economic & environmental impact the lack of proper sanitation has.

Maybe this movement doesn’t affect you directly, but take a moment and imagine a life without a toilet.  Those who like camping outdoors may not mind a weekend of living this way, but would you want to do it forever?  World Toilet Day may seem like a “funny” name for a national holiday, but this is no joke!  There are people suffering and extremely affected by lacking a toilet and hopefully by 2030, no one will be left behind!