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Las Vegas Water Heater Installation Warranty Information

All water heaters installed by our Las Vegas plumbing company have a manufacturers warranty.  Depending on your unit, the warranty period will vary.  Most of the information regarding coverage is inside the manual packet left with the water heater but we also have some information and links that you can refer to if needed.

Warranties for Standard Las Vegas Water Heaters:

All standard Las Vegas water heaters that are installed by Innovative Plumbing Pros come with a manufacturer’s warranty for 6 years.  Home Owners have options of buying extended warranties when they purchase their new unit which will vary according to the manufacturer.

It is important to know that the manufacture will only cover the new Las Vegas water heater itself.  They will not cover the costs associated with replacing the new water heater (such as a Las Vegas city permit or labor to install it).  There are also items that are not covered by the warranty such as improper installation or damage caused by flooding.  You can check covered items with the manufacturer or refer to the warranty details that came with the unit, but typically any manufacturer defect will be covered.

When a water heater is under manufacturer’s warranty, the old unit will have to be taken to the supply house that sells that brand of water heater.  Most Las Vegas plumbing companies will charge a warranty processing fee to switch out a water heater that is under warranty.  Some supply houses will even charge a processing fee of their own.  Let your designated Las Vegas plumber know if your unit is under warranty so they can provide you with an estimated cost for the warranty processing.

*Tip: if you register your Las Vegas water heater, it will make the process go a little smoother.

Check Warranty: Standard Las Vegas Water Heaters

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Warranties for Las Vegas Tankless Water Heaters:

Las Vegas Tankless Water Heater Installations also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which will vary per unit.  Most units come with at least an 8 year warranty period unless an extended warranty is purchased.  Navien offers a 15 year warranty on most of their units.  Before opting for a Las Vegas tankless water heater installation, research the best option for your needs.

Check Warranty: Las Vegas Tankless Water Heaters

If you need assistance determining if your Las Vegas water heater is under warranty, please contact our office and we will help you.  Our Las Vegas plumbing company also offers assistance with registering your water heater through the manufacturer if you didn’t do so when it was installed.