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Slab leak repairs and leak detections are often needed in Henderson and Las Vegas NV, especially in the hotter season.  According to, extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and water main line breaks go together. A slab leak will therefore be more common in those summer months.  Anyone living in the scorching dessert heat (aka Southern Nevada), knows that it gets HOT!  Which is one reason why Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC specializes in slab leak repairs & leak detection services!

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Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leak Repair Las Vegas


Slab leaks are when a pipe under the foundation of a property breaks causing a continuous flow of water under the slab.


  • Age: As the pipes underground age, they will deteriorate causing them to leak
  • Poor Craftsmanship: Pipes that were kinked or damaged in the original construction phase
  • Movement of the Earth: As the earth settles, the pressure on the pipes causes breakage
  • Quality of Water: If the quality of the water is poor, it can damage the pipes as they age

Slab leaks can cause severe property damage! A small leak can turn into something a lot bigger so it is important to act fast. To be pro-active, you will need to know what signs to look for and the options you have for a slab leak repair Las Vegas.


Slab Leak - Wet Tiles

Slab Leak – Wet Tiles

Since slab leaks are hidden under the concrete foundation of your home, it is harder to notice them. Luckily, there are some signs to look for:

  • High water bills: This does not necessarily mean that you have a slab leak, but it does mean that there is a leak somewhere. If you do notice a higher than normal water bill, the Las Vegas Water District offers a one-time leak adjustment program to help homeowners (click here) for more details.
  • Hot Spots: If a portion of the floor feels warmer than other sections, then there is most likely a leak in that area.
  • Wet spots on the floor: if you notice signs of water coming through the floor such as damp carpet or warped hardwood, then chances are there is a slab leak under the foundation
  • Hearing Water Running: if you hear water running when there is no water being used, then there is a leak somewhere on the property.

*Noticing any of these signs, does not necessarily mean you have a slab leak but a qualified Las Vegas Plumber would be able to perform a leak detection to determine the actual source of the leak.

Leak Detection - Slab Leak

Leak Detection – Slab Leak

A slab leak repair Las Vegas is a lot of work and can get quite pricey. You will want to call an honest, reliable Las Vegas Plumber who specializes in leak detection to help locate the leak and make the repairs. Innovative Plumbing Pros offers leak detection and water re-routes at affordable prices. Please do not just trust anyone with such an extensive repair, give us a call today if you think you have a slab leak or need leak detection assistance.

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