Are you in need of a sewer camera inspection?  You have tried everything from Drano to hydrojetting and the clog is happening again!  It is time to call a plumber!  When there is an ongoing issue with the drains in your home, it is important to have a drain line or sewer inspection as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to find out the cause of a reoccurring clogged drain, the more the repairs will cost in the future.  Sewer problems are unforeseen and definitely stressful!  You should react quickly and contact a reliable plumber to perform an accurate sewer inspection and make quick repairs.

The Henderson plumbersBoulder City plumbing technicians at Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC use state-of-the-art sewage cameras with colored LCD- 1080p monitors to easily track the source of a blockage within sewer lines or drain lines.  These tools assure a quick, clear, and accurate diagnosis for our customers (which guarantees faster repairs).




If your toilets, sinks, tubs/showers are frequently having problems draining, there is a problem in the pipes. If you are purchasing a new home (especially an older home), you should definitely have the lines inspected. If sewage is backing up into the home, it is a sure sign of a breakage in the pipes. When any of these issues occur, call for a sewer line or drain line inspection immediately.
The cost to run a camera into a sewer line or drain line can vary. Typically, the cost will range from $250.00 – $350.00.
As homes age, so do the pipes! Sewer lines & drain lines start to decay over time causing pipes to collapse.

Roots can grow through the pipes causing them to break.

Settling of the earth over time can cause pressure on pipes.

Unfortunately, pipes will break over time and cause clogged drains. When that happens, Innovative Plumbing Pros can help by performing an immediate sewer inspection!

**TIP** If your drain or sewer lines are damaged, your home owners insurance may cover most of the repairs. Innovative Plumbing is familiar with the claims process and can help walk you through it.

If you feel that sewer inspection services are needed for your home or have any other questions regarding the process, then please contact our office to schedule your appointment!