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Water Line Repair & Replacement Offered in Las Vegas & Henderson NV:

Innovative Plumbing Pros specialize in water line repair services for Clark County NV residents. When the main water line breaks, it is inconvenient & repairs can be costly!  You want an experienced, honest & affordable plumber to guide you in the right direction.


Water is provided to your home by a single water line connecting to the city’s water supply.  Depending on where the leak is coming from will determine if the city or homeowner is responsible for the repair.

*TIP – If you do notice a higher than normal water bill, Las Vegas Valley Water District offers a Leak Adjustment Program for residents who qualify.


Our plumbers use top of the line leak detection equipment to determine the source or the water line leak.  This electronic device is used to locate underground leaks and pinpoint the area to make the repair.


There are usually two options for a main water line repair.  The homeowner can fix just the portion of the water line that is broken which is called a “spot repair”.  The other option would be to replace the whole line.  Innovative Plumbing Pros has experience with performing both water line repairs and replacements.  The knowledgeable technicians will answer all your questions and help guide you in making the right decision for your water line repair.




As the pipes age, extreme temperature changes will often cause pipes to break. Pipes will become brittle when it is exceptionally cold and very hot temperatures cause the pipes sweat. Both make the pipes susceptible to breaking.

Older tree roots will often grow towards the water supply in the ground, so roots commonly grow into the main water line, causing the pipes to break.

Copper pipe used for main water lines will break from deteriorating over time. This is mainly due to the minerals in the dirt where they are buried and exposed to the elements.

If you can visibly see a puddle of water forming in an area, you most likely have a broken water line.

Another possible indicator is a high water bill. This proves that there is a leak somewhere, but It may or may not be from the main water line.  Fortunately, our technicians are able to perform leak detection to determine exactly where the leak is coming from.

Vegetation growing in an uncommon area of your yard indicates a constant supply of water in that area. Most likely, the pipe is broken and requires a water line repair.

Home owners insurance does not typically cover a water line repair. They may or may not cover damages to the property from a water line breaking. However, since the leak is outside of the home, they do not usually cover anything associated with a water line issue. The best way to know for sure is to contact your insurance company to ask.

*Click here for a great article regarding homeowners insurance and a water line repair.

A water line repair will vary in cost. Depending on whether or not you are doing a small fix to a portion of the line or replacing a whole water line. Obviously the spot repair will be less expensive, but may or may not be the best option. Other determining factors are the size of the pipe and what kind of material the pipe is buried in. For example, if the pipe is located under concrete, it will take more work to get to it. Without knowing all the factors, it is really hard to determine an exact cost. Please contact our office so a knowledgeable plumber can provide a detailed quote and walk you through all your options. Making the right decision with the right company will save you money in the future!

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