Mineral deposits can cause threaded plumbing fixtures (shower heads, hose bibs, etc.) to become stuck over time and very hard to remove.  Plumbers in Henderson run into this problem a lot due to the hard water in the valley.  The older the home, or the length of time the fixture has been in place will likely determine how hard it will be to remove that fixture when it needs to be repaired.

  • Wrench and/or pliers
  • Rubber mallet
  • Blow dryer / heat gun / torch (for metal only)
  • Calcium remover (such as Lime Away) / Distilled white vinegar

There are a few things you can try to do yourself before calling out a plumber.

  • Try to tighten the stubborn plumbing fixture with a wrench or pliers. Hopefully, this will loosen any calcium or mineral deposits allowing you to easily remove the fixture.  If it doesn’t turn, use a bit of force to tap the fixture with a rubber mallet.
  • Next, drain the water from the line and attempt to apply some heat with either a hair dryer or heat gun. Hopefully, the threaded area will expand allowing you to remove the fixture with ease.  If it is a metal fixture, you can attempt to use a propane torch (with caution to protect any flammable items around your working area.  It is also recommended to have a bucket of water and fire extinguisher nearby).
  • Lastly, a calcium or rust remover may be able to remove hard water build up. Distilled white vinegar is also used often to remove calcium deposits.

If none of these procedures work, you may need to call a plumber to assist you.  It’s a good idea to try to tackle these repairs during normal business hours in case you run into an emergency situation (such as water needing to be shut off to the property due to a broken pipe).