How to Repair a Toilet

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Working long office hours, looking after your family, maintaining the entire house and doing other small chores takes a toll on your health. Life can be tough. But just when you think you have things under control, something is bound to go wrong. A family member falls sick, your car breaks down, or worse still, house maintenance rears up again. Perhaps the thing you dread most about house maintenance are the dreaded — toilet repairs. They can occur frequently, are [...]

How to Know If You Have a Leak

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The best things in life are free… well, they might be! Seems like nowadays, in some way or another, you pay for the water you use and even the air you breathe. However, we don’t seem to mind paying our water bills because a) they’re necessary and b) they don’t really amount to all that much, do they? But, when you get a water bill that shows a big jump up from what you usually pay, it’s bound to leave [...]

How to Flush a Water Heater

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Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than soaking in tub full of hot water or having a warm shower cascade over you at the end of a long, tiring day. If you want the water heater in your house to continue working effectively and efficiently, then it’s essential to periodically flush the heater. That’s because minerals deposit over time and can build up into large, thick rusty lumps. Not only does that hinder the heat exchange between the burner and [...]

Few Causes and Symptoms of Water Line Leakages

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Perhaps the costliest expense in plumbing is a water line repair. If a water line breaks or if there’s a leak in it, there is no other option but to get it replaced or repaired. The worst part is that there’s no good time for a water line to break. It can happen at any time, anywhere, and without any prior notice. Luckily, things can go a lot easier if you’re aware something’s wrong with your water line before it [...]

Slab Leaks – How to Find & Repair Them

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Many older homes in Las Vegas, Nevada, were built with water lines running through the concrete slab foundation.  Throughout time these pipes age and leaks become inevitable. The problem is how do you find them? And once you locate the slab leak, how do you repair a pipe under a concrete slab? How Do You Know There Is a Slab Leak? High water bills can indicate leak exists somewhere on the property.  The leak could be coming from a break [...]

How to Prepare Your House Plumbing for the Winter Season

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Water expands when it is subjected to a cold environment. This is not a problem when deliberately freezing water into ice in a refrigerator. However, this will be troublesome if water freezes in your plumbing lines! One thing leads to another, and soon you’ll be dealing with cracked pipelines and hundreds of gallons of water spewing onto your property and into your house. Winters do not have to be so disastrous if you maintain your house plumbing before the winter [...]

How to Detect Leakages in Water Lines

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A water line leakage is a serious problem. Most people don’t even realize they have one until they get an outrageously high water bill!  Now, it’s launching time into a series of taxing, troublesome and costly events! Fortunately, there are some simple and easy techniques to spot leaks sooner and save you a lot of time and money. If you notice a significant increase in your water bill or spot seepage on walls, floors, or even outside sidewalks and lawn [...]

What to do if You Have a Broken Water Line

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Dealing with a broken water line is something you don’t do every day, but when it happens, many homeowners tend to panic and get stressed and confused. They don’t know how to deal with such an unusual and upsetting problem. Calling in a professional plumbing service is the first best thing you can do, but what to do you do until they arrive? Water line repair in Las Vegas is very painful because it is brutal to watch all the [...]

Are You Having Water Heater Trouble?

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Most people don’t know their hot water heater is giving them trouble until it’s too late. They pop the hot water valve open and get nothing, but cold water. Don’t wait for that moment when the warning signs are so clear! Save money. Save time. And avoid inconvenience by being alert and making cost-saving repairs now, instead of making costly replacements later. Like any other city, hot water heater repairs in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City are commonplace.  But, [...]

A Few Easy Ways to Clear a Blocked Drain

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Blocked drains are nothing new. This common problem is encountered by people everywhere. Drains always seem to get blocked when you least expect them to. That’s why it’s always better to be prepared with an instant remedy when it happens. Here are a few survival remedies to help you out until a professional plumber in Boulder City, NV, arrives and takes control of the problem. When left untreated, blockages can cause water to flow out of your drains and damage [...]

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