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Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC in Las Vegas NV Offers Water Heater Repair

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Before buying a new water heater, see if your unit can be repaired. Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC in Las Vegas can help determine what repairs are needed. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Las Vegas, NV – May 15, 2017 - Water heaters make life much easier. However, when there is a problem, you need a solution in a hurry. There can be a lot of issues, some simple, some complex, that can cause problems with a water heater. Repairs can be dangerous, [...]

Do You Need a New Hot Water Heater?

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For most homeowners, you never think about your water heater until it breaks or on the occasion when you run out of hot water in the shower.  Water heaters are generally pretty reliable and have a multi-year lifespan.  With just a few simple steps you can monitor the life of your water heater. Water Heater Check-Up Look for drips or wet spots around the base of your water heater.  This can mean that the water heater seals are starting to [...]

Discover Water Heater Trouble Solutions from a Las Vegas NV Plumbing Service

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  Hot water heaters come in many different shapes and sizes, including conventional gas or electric water heaters, tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters. There's nothing worse than to wake up on a cold morning and discover that your water heater has died. A Las Vegas NV plumbing services company may have a solution for your water heater trouble. Commonplace water heater problems may include water that's too hot or too cold, weird noises coming out of the tank, smelly [...]

Leaking Water Heater. Help me stop the leak!

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Do you have a leaking water heater? It is a very stressful situation when a water heater bursts and water is everywhere! So it is important to stop the flow of water to a leaking water heater as soon as possible. Even if the leak is small at first, the water heater can burst at any moment which can cause property damage! What to do to Stop a Leaking Water Heater Leaking water heater Las Vegas Now, there [...]