Leak detection services are sometimes needed as hidden leaks will spike a water bill!  If you notice that your bill is higher than normal, you need to find the cause of the leak right away.  The Innovative Plumbing Pros team specializes in leak detection.

Leak Detections Offered in Henderson, Las Vegas & Boulder City:

Innovative Plumbing Pros offers affordable leak detection services to customers in Las Vegas, Henderson, & Boulder City.   The licensed and affordable plumbers specialize in leak detection and leak repairs!  Our plumbers are experienced in locating the source and fixing it quickly.


Leaks inside or outside of your home not only raise your water bill, but they can also cause damage to your home!  For example, a slab leak is water leaking under your home.  It can eventually penetrate through the slab and through the floors of the home.  Carpet, hardwood, tiles, etc. can and will be damaged.

*Tip: If you have a high water bill due to leaks within the home, the Las Vegas Valley Water District offers a one-time Leak Adjustment Program for residents who qualify.


The plumber will use advanced leak detection equipment to find hidden leaks that may be inside walls or underground.  If the source is within the ground or under a slab (slab leak) our plumbers will use specialty equipment with the longest possible inductive locating capability to find the source.    The faster the leak is found, the better it is for the customer and their water bill!

*Tip: Home Owners may think there is a leak in their pool when they see the water level decrease.  A common source of this is actually evaporation (especially in the Las Vegas summer heat).  A pool cover can limit the evaporation amount


Once the leak is located, our plumbing company can address the repair.  Whether it’s a leaking faucet or a leak underground, the work will be completed as quickly as possible.  We want to illuminate as much stress as possible for our customers.  So it is our goal to provide the quickest and most reasonable solution to fix the issue.

*Tip: Depending on what repairs are needed, your home owner’s insurance may cover the repairs.  Innovative Plumbing works together with insurance companies when they are covering a portion of the work.

It is not only important to locate a source of a leak, but you want to make sure you choose a qualified leak detection company.  Do not trust any plumber with such a delicate situation.  You want to hire the pros to assure you are receiving accurate information and immediate assistance!  Call 702-672-7567




Leaks are not always visible. The most common indicator is a high water bill. Sometimes, the water company may even inform you of a possible leak.

There are also occasions when a leak will be visible. Water may be seen puddling up in the yard and leak detection would be needed to determine the cause. Water coming through the floor inside a home is a sign of a possible slab leak. Sometimes, customers will notice an area in their home that feels “warm” to touch. For example, a recent customer was barefoot in their kitchen and noticed an area of tile felt warmer than the others. We performed a leak detection and determined it was a slab leak.

A commercial grade hose is filtered through the clogged pipe while projecting a force of water that has very strong pressure, pushing through whatever is causing the clog.
Inspect the fixtures within the home (showers, toilets, faucets) to see if they are leaking.

Check outside fixtures/hose-bibs (where you would hook up a hose) to see if they are leaking at all.

Look at your garden equipment or irrigation system. There may be leaks from drippers or hoses.

If you have a swimming pool, check to see if you can see any water puddling up around it.

Turn off the water to the home and see if the meter dial is still running. If the meter dial is still moving, then there is a leak is between the meter and the home. If the meter is not moving, the leak will be somewhere inside the home.

If you feel that leak detection services are needed in your home or have any other questions regarding the process, then please contact our office to schedule your appointment!