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Plumbing Tools All Homeowners Should Have

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Plumbing issues arise when you least expect them to happen. In the majority of the cases, the homes are not prepared to handle the mess plumbing problems cause. Life is unpredictable, and you never know when you find yourself standing in knee-deep flooding sewage water. The right approach in such cases is to take the necessary precautions beforehand and to be prepared well beforehand. Thinking of how to start preparing for an unexpected bad-plumbing problem? Well, the key is [...]

History of Plumbers & Plumbing

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Can you imagine a life without a plumbing system at your home? Obviously, none of us can. A plumbing system is such a basic requirement that we do not even think about a life without them. Well, there was a time where there were no proper plumbing systems or arrangements. Things began to take shape with the advent of ancient civilizations including Greek, Persians, and Roman. The quality of plumbing arrangements and the advanced sanitary that we use today were [...]

Do Not Flush That!

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Not All Things Are Flushable: With the recent toilet paper shortage, people are coming up with alternative methods for “wiping”.  Some consumers have chosen tissues while others are using paper towel, napkins or even baby wipes.  Well, it is important to know that not all things are considered “flushable” even if they are advertised to be. Why All Paper Products Are NOT Created Equally: Toilet paper is specifically made to disintegrate and break up [...]

Leap Into Efficient Plumbing Solutions This February

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Plumbing Solutions Can Save You Money Spring is around the corner and people may be getting their yards ready for Springtime but what about your plumbing?  Why not make it a point to save some money with efficient plumbing solutions that will save you money this leap year?  There are even some plumbing fixes that you can do at home yourself if you’d rather not call a plumber. If you are up for some do-it-yourself plumbing projects in February, [...]

Plumbing Leaks Can Cause Health Issues

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Plumbing Leaks Should Be Repaired ASAP: One of the most commonly neglected plumbing problems leaking pipes and faucets. Not many homeowners pay attention to minor leaks and sometimes cannot even see them! A minor leakage problem in your plumbing system might not create a huge flood or pose a huge property damage risk, but it can expose you to severe health risks! Yes, a simple pipe leakage cannot directly impact your health, but unresolved continuous leaks can open doors [...]

Plumbing Inspections Will Save You Money in The New Year

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Plumbing Inspections Save Money: The year 2020 is finally here!  Have you been able to stick to your new year resolutions? Were you smart enough to make a resolution to be a savvy homeowner?  If so, you will likely want to maintain your plumbing system so that repairs don’t drain your bank like they may have last year! Plumbing problems can create havoc in your home and when things get out of hand, these can even strip you of [...]

When DIY Plumbing Goes Wrong!

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DIY Plumbing The world that we live in today has taken the idea of do-it-yourself projects very seriously. Not only do people take up minor-woodwork projects but also try their hands on electrical and plumbing repairing. It is not meant to discourage home owners from taking things in their hands but certain matters are best left for the professionals to handle, especially electric and plumbing repairs. Want to know why? Well, DIY plumbing projects can turn into major disasters. [...]

Preparing Your Plumbing for Colder Weather

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Sitting on a couch with a blanket on and a mug of hot chocolate in hand, we all love the coziness of the winters! Winter is around the corner so you may have already gotten your warm clothes out of storage or even had your heating system inspected…But did you prepare your home’s plumbing system? Well, with winters, you can expect and prepare for the colder weather but what you do not typically prepare for is preventative maintenance on [...]

Why You Should Be Thankful For a Plumber

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We are grateful to our teachers, who make us capable of achieving academic and professional success in life. We are thankful for the forces of our country, who keep us safe and helps us sleep soundly during the night. We thank technology for adding convenience to our lives! All that kept aside, there is one person that is rarely acknowledged for their job and the peace of mind they bring to us. We do not thank our local plumbers [...]

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist – Advice from a Local Plumber

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Home owners should perform regular inspections to prevent major repairs needed in a home.  Even the plumbing system requires regular maintenance checkups and repairs. Many of us do not pay attention to plumbing problems and later have to face costly repairs such as flooding or high water bills! Inspection of the plumbing system is essential, not just at the time of purchase of a house, but after every few months. Home ownership is a huge responsibility and maintaining [...]