Plumbing Solutions Can Save You Money

Spring is around the corner and people may be getting their yards ready for Springtime but what about your plumbing?  Why not make it a point to save some money with efficient plumbing solutions that will save you money this leap year?  There are even some plumbing fixes that you can do at home yourself if you’d rather not call a plumber.

If you are up for some do-it-yourself plumbing projects in February, you might want to try some of these plumbing repairs. They will not only be a fun project and unique activity but also help you save your hard-earned cash while being environmentally friendly!


Installing a Low-Flush Toilet Replacement

Well, there is no hidden reality there; the toilet you have in your home can be a major water waster. You might feel like there is nothing that you can do, but that is not the case. It is time that you get your hands dirty (pun intended) by replacing your old toilets with new efficient ones!  Your old toilets likely consume up to seven gallons of water in a single flush which puts a small dent in your water bill and the environment.  By installing new, efficient toilets, you save some water and money!

Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Installing a tankless water heater if definitely is not a DYI plumbing project and should be left to a licensed plumber.  If you have an old water heater with a standard tank, you may want to consider calling a plumber and upgrading to a tankless water heater.  By investing in a tankless unit, home owners not only get an unlimited supply of hot water (no more fights over who showers first) but they save money!  These units can be 8-14% more efficient saving around 86 gallons of water per day.


Installing a Low-Flow Showerhead

Another way to save on water and ultimately your pocket-book, is to install low-flow showerheads in your home.  Showerheads are an easy DYI replacement that you would not necessarily need a plumber to assist with.  Most showerheads are easily removed by twisting it off then adding Teflon tape to the threads prior to installing the new showerhead.  If you’re not comfortable taking this project on yourself, purchase the showerhead you’d like to have installed and call a plumbing company to install it for you.


Protect Pipes

Insulating the pipes is an easy and efficient way to help save thermal energy and money!  It will help get the pipes warm in winter and cool in summer.  By wrapping with insulation and taping the foam around the pipes, homeowners can assure the best efficiency.  Insulating cold water pipes can prevent sweating from moisture condensation and insulating hot pipes can limit them from losing heat.

Whether or not you decide to take on some of these plumbing jobs yourself or hire a plumber to make the repairs for you, you will save money in the long run.  Leap into these super effective plumbing repairs this February and help keep your money in your bank account where it belongs!