Can you imagine a life without a plumbing system at your home? Obviously, none of us can. A plumbing system is such a basic requirement that we do not even think about a life without them. Well, there was a time where there were no proper plumbing systems or arrangements. Things began to take shape with the advent of ancient civilizations including Greek, Persians, and Roman.

Plumbing Henderson

The quality of plumbing arrangements and the advanced sanitary that we use today were not there during the ancient civilizations. However, the concept of these innovations dates back to these ancient settlements. The plumbing history dates back to 4000 BCE. Many cities use copper water pipes and surprisingly, the practice of using copper in pipelines dates back to the time when Indus Valley Civilization was thriving.

Plumbing History – Starting with Crete

The oldest plumbing and sewage system in the world is in Minoan Palace in Crete. We have to thank the constructors of this palace for the concept of hidden plumbing pipes and lines. The palace had pipes running underground and in the walls. It is exactly what we see today, the concept of concealed plumbing piping dates back to 4000 years.

Flush Toilets by Roman Plumbers

When it comes to flush toilets, is it a new concept? We cannot say that the concept of flush toilets is new as the advanced plumbers from the Roman empire were the ones to come up with such an innovative idea. One thing archaeologists found in old Roman cities are the massive sewerage systems. Many modern cities in the 19th century took up the concept of Romans to design their sewerage systems.


Another innovation the Roman ancestors deserve to be praised for is their concept of aqueducts. The purpose of this smart innovation was to supply water to public baths, latrines, and homes. The difference between these aqueducts and modern piping systems is the use of pressure regulators. These ancient aqueducts did not use the concept of water pressure.

Lead Pipes

Before PVC, there were lead pipes, the idea of which originated from the ancient Roman civilization from 800bc to 300bc. The inscription on the pipe began to appear during this time. It was an attempt to prevent water theft.

We can say that Romans deserve the credit for much of the innovations in plumbing. The plumbers in the ancient Roman civilizations were the ones to think out of the box and come up with smart plumbing situations. We are just carrying their innovations forward into the modern world.

Plumbing is an ever-evolving field as it welcomes new and better solutions every day. One thing to take note of here is that everything that we welcome is not an innovation but an improvement in ancient innovations.