Plumbing issues arise when you least expect them to happen. In the majority of the cases, the homes are not prepared to handle the mess plumbing problems cause. Life is unpredictable, and you never know when you find yourself standing in knee-deep flooding sewage water. The right approach in such cases is to take the necessary precautions beforehand and to be prepared well beforehand.

Thinking of how to start preparing for an unexpected bad-plumbing problem? Well, the key is to have the right tools. When it comes to plumbing problems, the appropriate plumbing tools are what you need. Use this list to stock on the appropriate tool to effectively deal with a plumbing problem.


Plungers are one of the must-have plumbing tools for every house owner. When stocking up the right tools to deal with a plumbing situation, plungers are the first thing you need to purchase. Clogged drains are stressful to deal with and can happen any time. Nothing can be worst than a clogged toilet or a kitchen sink and not having a plunger to address it at its earliest.

There are two types of plungers that you need to keep in your hands, and these include cup and flange plunger. You need to keep cup plungers in close to your kitchen sinks and washrooms as these plungers help in unclogging the clogged drains of sinks, tubs, or wherever there is a drain at a flat surface.

When it comes to unclogging a clogged toilet, a flange plunger is the most suitable option. You must keep a flange plunger close to the toilets.

Auger and Snake

There are cases when the plunger fails to unclog a clogged drain, and in such a case, it is important that you have a backup. Thinking whats the backup tool for a plunger? A hand auger and snake. Using a hand auger on shower, sink, and tub drains, you can easily remove the hair and debris from it.

You can use an auger and snake in combination for unclogging toilet drains. The design of these tools allows them to move easily in drains and hook onto clogs and pull them out. Make sure you do not use a hand auger for toilets because it can damage the porcelain. A special toilet auger is the best option for toilet use.

Wrench Set

When purchasing the necessary plumbing tools for your home, make sure you purchase a wrench set. Almost all types of wrenches can help you effectively deal with plumbing problems in your home.

Basin wrench from the wrench set is a perfect tool for situations when you need to work on faucets that you are not easily accessible. Its long handle is what allows it to tighten and loosen faucets that your hand cannot reach. If you need to fix a visible pipe, you don’t want to damage it. To save the pipes from damage, you may use a strap wrench.

Other plumbing tools that you must have in your plumbing emergency kit includes hacksaw, a caulking gun, high-quality duct tape, and pliers. If the plumbing problems seem very serious, you should opt for a professional plumber.