If you find a puddle of water under a pipe during one of your regular inspections, or if one day you suddenly get a surprise when you reach under a sink, leaky pipes are always a nuisance to deal with. What’s even worse, they can get out of control if not taken care of properly and timely.

Like in every city, water leak repair in Las Vegas is pretty common. The thing is that even though repairing these leaky pipes is not a very complex task, it sure is a messy one. That’s the reason why the wisest thing to do when you encounter a leaking pipe at your home is to call a plumber in Las Vegas. Letting a professional handle leaky pipes is best, it would save you lots of time and energy. But what must be done to control and stop the leak, especially if it’s bad, until a professional service arrives for your help?

Even though temporary repairs don’t keep the water from spraying out of the leaking pipes for too long, but they’re necessary if you don’t want a mess at your place. Here are some emergency solutions for leaky pipes until the professional help comes in. These temporary repairs are easy to perform and are conveniently removed when a plumber comes in for a permanent repair.

1- Plumbers Epoxy

This is like molding clay in the world of plumbing. It sticks to pipes and allows you to fix the leak. But before starting to apply it, make sure that you’ve turned the water supply off. Then take some epoxy out in your hand and apply it around the leak so that it covers the leak properly. It will take a few minutes to get hard, and then you can turn the water supply back on.

2- Use Pipe Repair Clamp

Some of the best plumbers in Las Vegas say that at times a leaky pipe might need a rubber or a plastic patch, electrical tape and a pipe repair clamp. All of these things are easily available at a local hardware store. Turn off the water supply and make sure you’ve dried the area as good as you can and then wrap the rubber or plastic patch around the leak, secure it with a few layers of electrical tape and tighten it with a clamp. After turning the water supply on, check for the leaks.

3- Use Duct Tape

According to the recommendations of the plumbers in Las Vegas, if you don’t have any of this hardware stuff, or you’re in a hurry, then using duct tape is also a viable temporary solution for leaky pipes. All you have to do is turn the water supply off, dry up the area, and wrap the duct tape around the leak tightly several times to create a firm and tight seal.

These leaky pipe fixes are only temporary. So don’t count on them for too long. These repairs cannot undermine the effectiveness of permanent pipe repairs. For which you would have to call in one of the best plumbers in Las Vegas.

Plumbers have to deal with all types of water leak repairs in Las Vegas, even those toilet leaks which are not clearly visible to the eye. For long lasting and effective pipe repairs, contact Innovative Plumbing Pros, LLC. Our vigilant service doesn’t make our customers wait very long to fix a leaky pipe that can lead to a more costly repair or a serious emergency. So the next time you come across a leaky pipe at your home, just call in our service and leave the rest to us