Save money. Save time. And avoid inconvenience by being alert and making cost-saving repairs now, instead of making costly replacements later.

Like any other city, hot water heater repairs in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City are commonplace.  But, our hard water can negatively impact the lifespan of your water heater. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial setting, there are 5 important signs that should alert you to call in the services of the area’s best plumbers, Innovative Plumbing Pros, LLC.


No hot water at all may mean you’re too late, so pay attention to fluctuations in water temperature. When water is not heating properly, you often have time to resolve issues like mineral build up, internal flow, or failing heating elements. Trained professionals can spot and pinpoint solutions now. Call the professional plumbers.


Mineral deposits are capable of doing much more damage than just reducing the efficiency of your water heater. They can build up in pipes and create blockage. Flow issues might even be caused by kinked pipes. Experienced, professional eyes are your best course of action.


This is almost always a telltale sign of impending equipment failure, in any kind of equipment, not just water heaters. Leaks have a myriad of causes from over pressurization to defective parts. Trust your home or business to the fast and expert response of Innovative Plumbing Pros.


When water is rusty or tastes metallic, trouble is not far behind. These are often signs of corrosion in some component of the water system. Don’t make the mistake of tolerating this for long. Take action quickly before the corrosion leads to a ruined hot water heater.


A little noise from a hot water heater is normal, but abnormal noise is NOT! When you hear popping, loud rumbling, cracking, or banging sounds coming from your water heater, call in the best plumbing Las Vegas, the best plumbing Henderson. Bad sounds equal bad hot water heater performance! Might be anything from overheating to overworking to failed parts. Get the cause diagnosed and the right work performed for a reasonable price.

If your business requires consistent and reliable hot water delivery, talk to us today about monthly hot water heater inspections or other equipment options.If you have noted any of these 5 danger signs, it’s time to get a repair. Water heater repairs in Las Vegas and in the greater Las Vegas Valley area are the specialty of Innovative Plumbing Pros, LLC. So, if you’re concerned about the performance of your hot water heater, remember it’s better to get to know us before you need us. Innovative Plumbing Pros, LLC.