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On an excruciatingly cold winter morning, you hop into the shower, only to find that your water heater is not working! Can anything be worse at that moment?  Though the winters are not extremely frigid in Las Vegas, NV; it is not uncommon for Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC to receive calls from frantic customers who are in need of a water heater repair or replacement .

Water heaters have brought convenience, ease, and comfort in your lives. What happens if your water heater malfunctions?

Well, a malfunctioning water heater can be very painful. Therefore, it is important to get your water heaters inspected regularly by a professional plumber. Not getting your heater inspected regularly will reduce its lifespan and make your life difficult.

Like everything in the world, even the water heaters installed in your homes have a lifespan. If you think your water heater has aged and is malfunctioning, it might be time to replace.

Wondering when your water heaters need replacement? Look for the following signs, and you will know!

Aged Water Heater

Corrosion, cracking of the tank and malfunctioning are some symptoms that point towards the fact that your water heater has reached its end. Typically, the lifespan of water heaters is around ten years. If your water heater is older than that, it is time that you look for a new one.

No Hot Water

Another sign that your water heater is dying is when there is little or no hot water in the faucets. If you begin to feel that the water in your showers and faucets is cooler than usual, you must consider replacing the water heater. A major reason behind this is the damaged or worn out heating element.

Water Leakage

Leaking water heater Las Vegas

See any water puddles that are not drying around the water heater or observing any changes in the texture of walls? It is a sign that there is water leakage from the water heater. Minimal water dripping is a sign of initial water leakage from the water heater. It can result in major flooding if the tank breaks. Therefore, if you observe any of these signs, you must call in a professional plumber to inspect and replace the water heater if needed.

Rusty Water

Rusty water from the faucets and the shower? It is a clear indication that the anode rod of your water heater has reached its full potential of attracting corrosive elements. Regularly inspecting and replacing the anode rod, helps in the prevention of this problem. If not replaced, the corroded water heater makes rusty water to flow into the shower and faucets. If not replaced immediately it paves the way for water leakage.


A water heater unit begins to work harder when the rust and corroded part of the anode rod get accumulated and hardens the tank. The hardening of the tank leads to the rapid expansion of tank which results in the generation of very loud banging noise. In such a case, the process of water heating producing such noise!

If you are observing any of these signs mentioned above, it is best to hire a professional plumber. A professional plumber inspects and makes sure if a water heater needs replacement or repairing work. A professional individual will provide you with all the necessary ways of increasing the lifespan of water heaters!

Tankless Water Heater Options

A tankless water heater may be an option if you do end up needing to replace your water heater.   These units are energy efficient and provide endless supplies of hot water!  Definitely worth it to look into a tankless water heater installation option.

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