Las Vegas Toilet Repair & Toilet Replacement

Toilet Repair & Toilet Replacement

Serving Las Vegas & Surrounding Areas:

Innovative Plumbing Pros provides toilet repair services to Clark County residents.  Do you have a clogged toiled that needs snaked?  Is your toilet leaking or making noises?  Our plumbers are qualified to repair or replace a toilet that is not working properly.  We are equipped to work with many brands such as American Standard & Kohler.

Common Issues for Toilet Repair Service

Clogged Toilet:

Customers frequently call us when a standard plunger will not clear a clogged toilet.  Our LV plumbers are able to use their commercial snake or auger to clear your pipes!  When there is a bigger issue and these methods do not work, we offer drain cleaning (hydro-jetting) services to clear that clog!  Leave it to our professional plumbers to get your toilets running again!

Leaking Toilet:

There are a number of reasons why a toilet could be leaking.  There could be a crack on it which would require a toilet replacement.  Other common causes of a leaking toilet are the wax ring or bolts.  When a toilet is leaking onto the floor, you should refrain from using the toilet until it is repaired.  This is especially true if it is happening in an upstairs bathroom.  Leaking can cause water damage such as warped tiles and ceiling damage below (if the toilet is upstairs).

Toilet flange replacement

Toilet not flushing:

There are many components to a toilet that work together to make it function.  If it is not flushing properly, there could be an issue with the handle or the lift arm.  It could also be the flush lever or the flapper.  An experienced technician would be able to diagnose which part is failing to make the toilet repair immediately.

Noisy Toilet:

A noisy toilet could be due to an issue with the gasket inside of the fill valve which would cause a vibrating sound.  If there is a swishing sound that is heard when the toilet is filling, it could be build-up in the water pipes which often occurs with metal/copper pipes.  A whistling sound indicates a possible leaking fill valve which would need to be replaced to resolve.  Call a knowledgeable plumber to assist with locating the issue to make the toilet repair.

Toilet Replacement:

When a toilet repair is not an option (such as a cracked tank), it may need to be replaced.  The wax ring also will need to be replaced with the new toilet.  It is important for the toilet to be installed properly to prevent leaking or other issues.  Our plumbers can perform a toilet replacement and assure it is done right!

Choosing a new toilet:

There are so many options when replacing a toilet!  First, you want to assure the toilet fits.  Do you want a two piece toilet?  Oblong bowl?  What color would you prefer?  There are also high efficiency, water-saving toilet options.  If you are installing or replacing a toilet, call our expert plumbers to assist you with choosing the right one for your needs!

Innovative Plumbing Pros is ready to get started on your Las Vegas toilet repair!  Whether it’s a flange replacement or a more extensive drain cleaning service needed, we are here to help!  Call us anytime if you have questions about toilet repair or would like to make an appointment.

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