Plumbing FAILS!

Plumbing FAILS!

Plumbing Fail- 10 Hilarious DIY Fails:

Sometimes DIY projects work out…and sometimes they don’t!  Luckily, professional plumbers are available to help you out when DIY projects aren’t as easy as they look.

Don’t be like these people!  Call us to help 702-672-7567.  But first, get a good laugh!

Plumbing Fail #1 – Urinals Draining into Bottles?

I  REALLY feel sorry for whoever is responsible for emptying those bottles!  YUCK!

Plumbing Fail #1







Plumbing Fail#2 – Too Close for Comfort.

I am hoping that these urinals are not going to be used at the same time.  Talk about rubbing elbows…or cheeks!

Plumbing Fail #2



Plumbing Fail #3- DIY Plumbing.

Well, I guess whatever works right?

Plumbing Fail #3







Plumbing Fail #4- Who Needs a Door?

Should’ve installed the toilet with the door closed!

Plumbing Fail #4







Plumbing Fail #5 – Seriously tight fit.

Definitely not practical- but I would use it- IF there were no other options.

Plumbing Fail #5







Plumbing Fail #6 – Leaking Socket.

Not sure if this is a job for a plumber or an electrician?  Maybe both?

Plumbing Fail #6








Plumbing Fail #7 – Pipe Maze.

Do you think they have enough pipe?

Plumbing Fail #7








Plumbing Fail #8 – Sink Hold Up.

Well, I am just glad they are putting their books to good use.

Plumbing Fail #8






Plumbing Fail #9 – Hose Filler.

Well, that’s one way to get water to the toilet tank.

Plumbing Fail #9

Plumbing Fail #10 – Irrigation Shower-head

It’s not a watering nozzle, it’s a massaging shower head!

Plumbing Fail #10









Some people are lucky enough to pull off their DIY projects. These examples are a little extreme, but when you really need help with a plumbing project, we are here to help!  Give us a call 702-672-7567

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