Plumbing Tips For Hot Summer Months

Summer is here and we have some plumbing tips to help you relax this season.  Less home repairs means more time by the pool!

Plumbing Tip #1:

Plumbing Tips - Clogged pipe

Food Clogged Drain Pipe

Summertime means more barbecues and food!  When preparing food or cleaning up, be careful what you’re putting in your garbage disposal.  Some foods to never put down the drain or disposal are:

  • Stringy/Starchy Foods
  • Oil, fat, grease
  • Pasta
  • Egg Shells
  • Bones
  • Rice
  • Fruit seeds or pits



Plumbing Tip #2:

Plumbing Tips - Vacation mode

Water Heater Dial- Vacation Mode

Summer also means VACATIONS!  Yay!  You want to relax while on vacation and not worry about coming home to a plumbing disaster.  If no one is going to be staying at your home while you’re away, turn off the main water supply to the home to prevent a busted pipe or water heater from causing damage.  Also, to save energy while away, consider putting your water heater on “vacation mode”.


Plumbing Tip #3:

Plumbing Tips - cracked hose

Cracked washing machine hose

Kids are usually home during the summer which means they are hopefully spending some time outdoors, swimming and playing!  So, unfortunately there will be more laundry!  Due to the increased usage of the washing machine, you should inspect the hoses to assure no cracks or leaks.  It is suggested that hoses on washing machines are changed every three years to prevent a leak due to breakage.



Plumbing Tip #4:

Plumbing Tips - Watering Schedule

Watering Schedule

Change your watering schedule for your irrigation.  To conserve water during the summer months, water your plants before sunrise or after sunset.




Plumbing Tip #5:

Consider getting a thorough inspection of all your pipes and fixtures from a licensed plumber to assure all items are working properly.  Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding any unfortunate surprises.  If you can resolve minor issues before they become huge problems, you avoid stress and ultimately save money on what could be costly repairs.  Contact  702-672-7567 to schedule a thorough inspection with a qualified plumber from Innovative Plumbing Pros (click here to see our main page) or to inquire about more plumbing tips!