Plumbing - Halloween toilet

Halloween is that time of the year where the streets are crawling with people in spooky costumes and homes depicting a scene from a horror movie. It all sounds all exciting and fun but do you know what a real Halloween horror scene is? Leaky valves, rumbling noise from the pipes, odd smells, howling in the plumbing system, these are the scene from real horror which can ruin your Halloween!

Everybody loves Halloween, and the plumbing horrors are not what they expect from this day! Want to spend your Halloween exactly how you planned without the plumbing horrors? Well, you need to take all the necessary precautions that will help you steer clear of the scary plumbing issues!

Dumping Pumpkins in the Drain

Halloween means lots of pumpkin-fun. All of us love scooping out the orange-y pulp from these rigid shells. What we do not understand is that all the pumpkin-fun can turn into a complete plumbing disaster.

Want to enjoy cooping out the squishy pulp from pumpkins and want to spend a worry-free Halloween night? You need to be careful about how you dispose of the stringy and squishy guts of the pumpkin. Many people choose to dispose of the rings, guts, seeds, and pulp in the kitchen drain.

It is a convenient way to get rid of the pulp, but it will turn your Halloween into a real horror scene. The pulp you dispose of in the kitchen drain can clog the drain and put you into trouble. Nothing can be worse than a clogged kitchen drains during a Halloween party at your home!

Additionally, garbage disposals cannot handle the seeds and pumpkin seeds should NEVER be sent into a garbage disposal.  There is potential for damaging the blades or getting them stuck.

Pumpkin seeds will also clog dishwashers!  So save yourself a service call fee from a plumber and dispose of your pumpkin seeds appropriately or you can try drying out and eating the pumpkin seeds!  Just do not put pumpkin seeds in the plumbing!

Plumbing - seeds in sink
Plumbing - paint in sink

Washing Out the Paint in the Sink

Many people choose to paint their faces to get into their respective characters to make most of their Halloween holiday. After Halloween is over, they wash it off in the bathroom sinks. It is a common practice among people, but it certainly can create a plumbing disaster.

Paint can solidify in the drains and pave the way for a clogged drain. Moreover, it can damage the pipes as it contains chemical in it and creates a massive plumbing problem. The right approach is to take a damp piece of cloth and clean the paint from your face. Make sure you throw the cloth in the garbage bag

Watch the Kids

If you are having a Halloween party at your home, you will likely have a lot of kids over. Small children just love throwing things into the toilet bowls. It can be very problematic for the homeowner, as it can clog the bathroom drain.

You need to ensure that none of the children at the party throws things in the toilet bowl. One way to do that is to remove all small objects from the bathroom. The more accessories you have in the washroom, higher are the chances of kids throwing things in the toilet!

Everyone hopes to have a spooky Halloween, but no one wants to meet the real horror that a plumbing issue can bring with it. Make sure you take the necessary steps to avoid getting stuck in plumbing disasters on your Halloween holiday!