How to Avoid Clogged Pipes

Clogged drains are crappy (literally)! Little can be more embarrassing then when you have company over and the toilets won’t flush!  Clogged drains can be a headache, no matter when it occurs! It is important to address a clogged drain problem as soon as possible! Neglecting it for long would put you in a very difficult situation, coming out of which may be a costly process!

Dealing with clogged drains brings with itself a whole set of problems. Therefore, it is better to avoid drain clogs than to deal with it.

Don’t know how to avoid clogged drains? Here are the most effective ways you can stay safe from the clogged drain troubles!

Avoid Putting Solid Material Through the Kitchen Drain

One of the biggest mistakes that you are prone to make while washing dishes is to drain large quantities of food down the kitchen drain. Regularly putting food down the kitchen drain will pave the way for a clogged drain. Want to dispose of the leftovers? Use shopping bags to dispose of the scrapped and leftover food and to get rid of the smell toss the bags into the trash right away! Another way is to use the sink strainer. It will fit on the sink’s drain and prevent any large objects or particles from entering the drain.

Regularly Flush Your Pipes

A smart way to dislodge buildup of residue in the drain is regularly flushing the pipes. You can not exactly know if the residue is building up in the drain. Regularly flushing the pipes is a smart way to get rid of any potential buildups before it could turn into a massive plumbing problem. A simple technique to do is to fill the bathroom sinks, kitchen sink, and bathtubs to its top edge and then pull the stopper out. The water that will rush down the drain will take with it any residue buildups.

Regular Inspection of the Home Septic System

Have a septic system in your home? It is best that you get it inspected periodically. Yearly inspections are perfect if you wish to avoid clogged drains. The clogged drains that result due to problems in your home’s septic system are disastrous, and you will have to pay loads of dollars to get the problem handled. You need to hire a professional to inspect the septic system of your home every few years.

Do Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Think that you using chemical drain cleaners is the right way to avoid drain clogs? There strong chemical drain cleaners are not very effective. Not only do they leave a portion of residue buildup in the drains but they erode the drain pipes when regularly used. Instead of these cleaners, you may choose the homemade drain cleaning solution instead. Pour half cup of baking soda down the drain, let it react for 10 minutes, and flush it off with hot water!

It is easier and way more convenient to avoid drain clogs than to deal with it by spending hundreds of dollars on it!