Do not like the unsightly water stains in your bathroom and kitchen sink? The white and brown stains that you find in your bathrooms and kitchens are due to the use of hard water. Hard water contains a high content of minerals such as lime, calcium, and silica. When hard water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind which stain the faucets, sinks, and tubs.

These stains are unavoidable and can reduce the look of your bathroom and kitchen, which is not something you want. There are effective ways that can help you get rid of the hard water stains from your plumbing fixtures.

If you are tired of observing these unsightly stains around your home, try using any of these amazing hard water stain removal techniques!

Install a Water Softener to Reduce Hard Water

As a local Henderson plumber, Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC knows about the hard water in the Las Vegas valley. Therefore, it is a smart thing to install a water softener inside your Henderson, NV home to prevent water stains on your plumbing fixtures. Since installation of a new water softener may not be possible, there are a few ways that you can remove water stains from your plumbing.

Using Water and Vinegar to Clean Light Stains

To clean the light hard water stains, you can spray a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar on the stain. Take a spray bottle, add water in it, followed by an equal amount of vinegar. You must use regular, white vinegar for cleaning the light spots. Spray the mixture on the mirrors or any other surfaces that have hard water stains on them. Remember, you cannot use the mixture on wooden surfaces. After spraying the surface with the water-vinegar mixture, wipe it off with a toilet. Rinse the surface, squeegee the area clean, and buff dry with a clean cloth.

You can use the mixture to clean the faucets and showerhead. You can soak the faucet aerators and showerheads in the mixture for some time and wipe them off. In addition to this, you can clean the toilet bowl by pouring vinegar on the water spots and by scrubbing it using a toilet scrubber.

Using Hydrochloric Acid with a Cleaner

To get rid of the tougher hard water stains, you must let the vinegar sit on the stains for at least five minutes. For tough stains, you can leave it for ten minutes. The more time you let the vinegar stay on the stain, the longer time it will have to break down the minerals deposits that make the stains tough to clean.

Some hard water stains do not go away even after thoroughly cleaning them with vinegar. In such cases, you can use a cleaner with hydrochloric acid. It is a cleaning technique that must only use when nothing else works. Hydrochloric acid is one of the strongest chemicals, and if your body comes in contact with it, it can severely damage your skin. While using the acid, make sure you wear gloves, open all the windows, and turn on all the fans.

Hard water stains can significantly affect the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom. Instead of stressing out, you can try to prevent the hard water spots. After you take a shower or wash dishes in the kitchen, you must dry all the surfaces after use. Using water softener is also a smart way to prevent calcium deposits from staining the surfaces.