When getting ready to sell a home, one of the most important steps in the process is getting an inspection. Having an inspection completed prior to selling your home will give you an idea of what’s going on with its structure and with its components and if anything needs to be repaired before you list your home on the market. If you haven’t sold a house in the past, then you might not be familiar with what the inspection process entails and what an inspection company looks for. In today’s post, Innovative Plumbing Pros. wanted to give you a rundown on home inspections and how your current plumbing setup could affect one. 


The Importance of Inspections

Selling a home requires a lot of planning and maneuvering so that when the time comes for closing, no issues that can cause a breach of contract arise. That’s where inspections, including a plumbing inspection, come into play. Having an idea of everything that requires a repair will help you make smart decisions during the selling process. While many people will choose to make the repairs, others will change the course of how they sell their home if they find that they don’t have the time or the resources to update the home. Plumbing repairs, in particular, can either be very simple and inexpensive or a major project. Getting ahead of the game will spare you a lot of stress. 

What Inspectors Look For

Inspectors are looking for anything in the home that is a code violation or that could soon lead to one. A full home inspection will generally include a look at the foundation, basement, attic, insulation, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and overall safety of the home. They’ll check these areas for anything that could compromise the integrity of the home and its overall security. If the inspection comes back with problems, it’s your duty to either make repairs or to sell the house as is with all of the issues disclosed. Speak to top real estate agents in Las Vegas to get a better idea of what the best route to follow after a failed inspection.


Plumbing Issues that May Arise

Plumbing is a major component of modern homes, and systems that are outdated or not well maintained can cause issues in the future. Some things that inspectors will look for during a plumbing inspection include:

Issues with the water heater: Water heaters these days come in different shapes and sizes. Having one that is old, outdated, or inefficient can cause issues with your plumbing.

Lead coated pipes: According to the EPA, lead coated pipes can lead to several health issues and are no longer used. However, if you have an older home, it’s worth having your pipes checked for lead residue. A plumbing job to have the pipes in your home replaced is necessary for keeping your plumbing safe from causing lead-related illnesses. 

Leaks: Water damage isn’t something to mess with and can severely impact the structure of your home. Getting these repaired immediately is a must!

How to Deal Move Forward With Repairs

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