Summer is all about fun in the sun? Well, wait till you get hit with some of the summer plumbing problems. When living in Las Vegas, there can be some significant plumbing problems due to the high temperatures of the summer months! The summer heat often exerts strain on pipes and plumbing fixtures, resulting in a massive plumbing hazard in your home!

Winters are not the only season bringing problems for plumbing systems, but there are chances of getting caught in unexpected plumbing problems in summer as well. And it may ruin the summer fun for you! It is a smart approach is to be well-prepared in the summer, to save yourself from the stress of being stuck in a flooded or moldy house!

Here are the best ways you can prepare your plumbing for the severe summer heat of Las Vegas!

Avoid Clogged Toilets

Summer puts more pressure on the toilets in your home. For one thing the kids are home and plumbing is being used more than ever. Clogged toilets can be very stressful for obvious reasons. It is a prevalent plumbing problem in summer. The most common reason behind a toilet being clogged is the excessive use and flushing down of the toilet paper and other hygiene related products. Teach your kids to use small amounts of toilet paper. The ideal approach is to use biodegradable and flushable baby wipes and to keep a plunger close!

Prevent Garbage Disposal Clogs

Another common plumbing problem in summer is garbage disposal clogs. With summer times come more BBQ parties and pool parties, resulting in a lot of garbage. To save yourself from garbage disposal clogs, make sure you do not flush down rinds, grease or coffee grounds down the drain, as this may result in a clogged garbage disposal!

Check for Leaks

Summer means more laundry. Due to a lot of sweating, people tend to change clothes more frequently in the summers, which leads to increased usage of washing machines. It is a wise choice to inspect the washing machine hoses for overall age and potential leaks as a burst hose will result in your house getting flooded. Also, one commonly occurring plumbing problem in summer can be leaks in the outdoor plumbing fixtures and main valves. In the winters, Las Vegas and the surrounding area can see many nights with temperatures in the freezing range. The outdoor fixtures might develop cracks and leaks during this time that become exacerbated as temperatures increase. It is best to get it inspected as soon as hot temperatures hit!

Sprinkler Problems

Sprinkler systems work harder than ever during summers in Southern Nevada. High temperatures and high demand in your neighborhood to keep flowers and grass alive put pressure on the system. Even if you have desert landscaping you may struggle with issues delivering water to your plants. There are chances that your sprinkler system might have water leakage problems resulting in water wastage and grass dying. It is best to inspect the sprinkler water system for any leakages beforehand!


Summer Travel

If you are taking that 2 week or month-long trip out of town give some thought to turning off unused water consumption appliances such as the washers and plumbing fixtures in your house. While it is uncommon, these can leak while you’re out of town. Unchecked or unnoticed for several days, even a small leak can turn detrimental to your home and require thousands of dollars in repairs.


Save yourself from the hassle of being stuck in plumbing problems in summer while you’re having the best summer ever in Las Vegas or are on a trip outside the state. Enjoy your summers to the fullest extent and let no plumbing problems get in the