Slab Leaks – Do You Know What Signs to Look For?

Just like every other component in the house, water pipes are also prone to wear and tear.  Problems with pipes sure do bring in a lot of frustration especially if your water lines run under the concrete slab of a home. Slab leaks are caused due to various reasons, the leading causes being the tremendous water pressure and excessive amounts of hard or soft waters through the pipe along with age.

If slab leaks are not repaired, or they go undetected, these small leaks can be the cause of a big hazard such as damage to your home’s structure. Not to forget that it can be extremely heavy on your pocket as well. So, to avoid being caught up in this mess, it is essential that you keep an eye open to detect signs that indicate you may have a slab leak.

Not sure what these signs are? Let’s take a look!


Spike in Your Water Bill

Whenever there is a leak in your home’s plumbing, the most obvious sign is a rise in your water bills. This happens because the leak in the pipe allows the water to flow 24/7 instead of just when you are actually using water, which in turn, causes a higher bill than usual. So, if you haven’t yet given it a thought, it is time to apprehend that the reason why your water bill is excessively higher than the previous months is due to a slab leak.

Water Pools in Unusual Areas

Until the water finds a way to escape, it starts to accumulate under the foundation whenever you have a slab leak. Always be careful and look out for water pools coming out of the slab foundations. If there are no hoses within the vicinity and you see water pools in areas where they shouldn’t be, there is no possible explanation other than a slab leak.


Damp Carpets and Flooring

Let’s say that you have a leak in the slab foundation of your home. When the water starts to accumulate, it has nowhere to go but up. Gradually, the water starts reaching your flooring, causing visible damage.

Low Water Pressure

With water continuously escaping the pipes, it is a definite consequence that less water will travel to your taps and faucets. As soon as you notice a decrease in water pressure without any other water fixture in use, there is a possibility that a slab leak is stealing your water pressure.

Mold and Mildew

Water from the slab leak sneaks up into your flooring. This can cause mold and mildew to grow on as well as under your carpets. It is also possible that the water gets absorbed by your walls, which then leads to molds in your walls too. Even though these molds might not be as visible, but you will definitely be able to smell them. If you smell something musty, it is time to check for a slab leak.


If you have observed any of these signs or detected any of these signs, hiring a professional plumber is the best idea. A professional individual will help you get rid of slab leaks, and you can save your home from bigger damage!