With the trend of “Do It Yourself,” many people have found ways to save big on home repairs. On the one hand, the DIY trend is making it easy for people to save money; on the other hand, it is putting the lives of many people at risk.

You fixed your wooden cabinet, repaired the paint of your walls yourself, and now you think you can take care of your water heater installation? Well, you are could be putting your life in grave danger. Installation of the water heater may seem simple, but it is not! Trust our seasoned plumbers on this; even the smallest mistake can cause added expenses, injury, property damage, and in worst cases, death!

Some jobs must be left for the professionals to do!

Still, aren’t convinced and preparing yourself to install the water heater in your home? Here is a list of all the dangers that are associated with taking the matter of water heater installation in your hands.

Carbon monoxide Poisoning

Majority of water heaters use today are gas water heaters. When dealing with these units, extra care is required. This is something not many people understand. Do you have any idea about what happens if there is no proper ventilation for the heater? Improper ventilation leads to building up of Carbon monoxide. Exposure to this hazardous gas can cause permanent brain damage and even death. It is an odorless gas; therefore, even if there is a leak, you will not know until its too late. Carbon monoxide poisoning is also known as the silent killer.  Without a monoxide detector, it is impossible to tell if this substance is leaking into the air and an improper water heater installation can cause CO2 leaks.  For example, an unfortunate incident recently occurred due to a homeowner installing their own tankless water heater.  The unit leaked due to improper installation and carbon monoxide poisoning killed the family of four and their family pets.  All could’ve been easily prevented by hiring a licensed experienced plumber for the install or having a reliable carbon monoxide detector in the home.


Fire and Explosion

To run natural gas water heaters, you need to make use of combustible fuel. Burning of this fuel is what heats the water. Combustible fuels are highly flammable and pose a great risk of causing a fire or even an explosion if not handled in the right manner. The slightest mistake will not only put your life in danger, but it will put the lives of your family at risk!  For example, over tightening of a gas control valve could lead to a gas leak with inevitably could lead to a fire in the home.

Legal Issues and Costly Repairs

When you install a water heater yourself, it means the installation is not inspected. In many areas, when selling the home, you will have to get the water heater inspected and permitted, which costs money. If the installed water heater fails the inspection, you will have to pay for the repairing or even re-installation. Your attempt to save money will make you pay more than just the installation cost, maybe double that price!

Drainage and Supply Problems

Ensuring that you connect the water heater with the right supply lines and the proper drainage is extremely important to prevent water damage. The functionality of the water heaters depends upon the water supply and its ability to drain water. Improper connections may put excessive stress on the lines as well as the water heater. The added stress will not only damage the water heater, but it might cause the supply lines to explode.

Water heater installation can be very stressful, and it is something that only the professionals need to handle. Not only is the installation of water heaters a problem, even choosing the perfect water heater requires excessive understanding and knowledge. Therefore, it is best to only hire a professional plumber for the selection and installation of a water heater in your home!  After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!