Plumbers are Essential Workers:

Plumbers are considered essential for the sanitation needs of the community and therefore most plumbing companies have been remaining open during this COVID-19 pandemic but are restricting their hours and face-to-face contact.  Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC from Henderson, NV is no different, limiting services to critical repairs needed during this time.  However, there are going to be situations that may not be considered emergencies and the public will still need help!  How are homeowners supposed to get help with limited services available during these times?  We have come up with a solution and it is virtual plumbing!

What is Virtual Plumbing?

A lot of simple plumbing repairs can be a DIY project but if tackled alone, it could be a plumbing disaster!  A virtual plumber is certified and knowledgeable in the plumbing field and could easily walk you through most small plumbing repairs virtually.  Our virtual plumbing program would put residents directly on the phone/video-chat with a plumber who could then guide them in their repair.  What better way to assure that your DIY plumbing repair was done correctly than to have confirmation from a licensed plumber?

Why Virtual Plumbing?

The COVID-19 guidelines are slowly being lifted but a lot of people still want to take precautions until a vaccine is available or there are no new cases.  With a virtual plumbing appointment, you will eliminate direct contact with a service individual also eliminating the risk.

Maybe you’re a person who would rather learn how to do things and prefer to DIY.  A virtual plumber is perfect for you then!  When you are unsure or just want confirmation that the job is being done right, a virtual plumber can put your mind at ease.

At Innovative Plumbing Pros, we feel that our knowledge needs to be shared!  Our expert plumbers are available to give advice for your DIY plumbing needs!  Whether you have a question about plumbing code, need help with a plumbing repair, or have a plumbing concern; you can Ask a Plumber anything (plumbing related of course).  Get started by calling the main office today 702-672-7567.