Be it washing dishes, washing clothes, or taking a calming shower, we all need a perfectly functioning water heater in our homes. The water heater is one of the essential appliances that every homeowner will likely need to have in their homes, unless you like to take cold showers!

When you install a standard tank water heater, you may need to prepare yourself to pay higher energy costs because these appliances consume a huge amount of energy. With time, technology and innovation, plumbers are introducing better solutions for homeowners, and the tankless water heaters are one of these innovations. It is the perfect replacement option versus the high energy consuming conventional water heaters that most homes are equipped with.


Tankless water heaters are exceptionally efficient and have revolutionized hot water production in homes. These units consume far less energy than the conventional water heaters and save space too!



Has your old standard tank unit worn out and it is time to replace the water heater? Well, maybe you  should start considering installing a tankless water heater instead. Here are some of the reasons why upgrading to a tankless heater is a great option for most homeowners!

Longer Lifespan

The fact that some tankless water heaters can last a lifetime makes it a top choice for homeowners. Installation of this water heater could save you from replacement costs for more than a decade. Unlike a conventional water heater which likely will not last for more than ten years; tankless water heaters can last for decades. The lifespan of these heaters is three to four times the lifespan of a tank-style water heater.

The reason behind such a long life of these heaters is the fact that these do not store water in their tanks, which is the major cause of leakages in the conventional water heaters. A tankless water heater might be the last water heater that you need to buy.

Infinite Capacity

A common problem in tank-style water heaters is that the capacity to hold water is limited and at some point, you will run out of hot water. Though the latest tank-style water heaters can heat water within twenty to thirty minutes, wouldn’t it also be great that you almost never run out of hot water?

If the use of hot water in your homes is very high, then these tankless water heaters are the perfect option for you. People who do not like running out of hot water and so often need to consider a tankless water heater in their homes. Instead of heating water in a tank, these heaters heat water as you use it and will provide unlimited hot water for those long showers.



Cost-Effective Water Heating

Tankless water heaters are not just energy-efficient but also a great cost-effective replacement of the conventional tank-style water heaters. The first thing that makes it such a cost-effective solution is that it only heats water when you need it.

In addition to saving on energy costs, you will not even have to pay for their replacement as they are less prone to failure. You will save money as you will not have to spend money on replacement after every decade.  Typical standard tank water heaters typically come with a 6-year manufacture warranty and with the hard water problems in Southern Nevada, standard tank water heaters just do not last as long as a tankless hot water heater does.

Do Not Take-up Floor Space

The tankless water heaters are smaller than the tank-style water heaters, and you can mount these on the walls. It occupies little space, and you get free floor space when you are not placing the water heaters on the floor.

When it’s time to replace the water heater in your home, you now know the reasons to choose a tankless water heater. It is a smart choice and will save your money and provide you with the peace of mind you need!  Some brands of tankless water heaters that you may want to consider are Rinnai and Navien which both boast of superior units.