Plumbing leak detections are a common request that our plumbers get in Henderson, NV. However, homeowners are not always familiar with why they actually need a leak detection or what one entails. It is a smart choice to do your research before hiring a plumbing company to perform a leak detection. If you are knowledgeable in leak detections, you will know the correct questions to ask prior to your service appointment.

Plumbing Leak Detections – What Are They?

Plumbing leak detections are (as the name suggests) when a plumber uses his knowledge and equipment to locate the source of a water leak. Equipment such as a sonar leak detector is typically used by the plumber. This type of equipment relies on sound to determine the location of the leak. The metal probe is inserted into the ground and through the device’s headphones, the plumber will be able to hear running water.

Why a Plumbing Leak Detection is Needed?

Most Southern Nevada residents are aware that we are in a severe drought and our main water source Lake Mead has dropped to a record low. Which means that it is super important to conserve water or there may not be any water left for Southern Nevada residents in the future. Leaks within homes and businesses need to be found and repaired to prevent a catastrophic issue that cannot be easily resolved. In addition to this, leaks can cause property damages or mold which can make residents ill. Lastly, water bills increase when leaks go unnoticed so you can definitely save money in the long run by repairing any leaks you may have.

How Does the Average Homeowner Know They Have a Leak?

There are a few ways to determine if you have a leak at your home. A high-water bill will reflect an abnormally high amount of water usage. So, if you didn’t recently get a new pool, it is an indicator of a water leak. Warped flooring is also a strong sign of a plumbing leak if your plumbing is located underground. Many newer homes route the water lines through the walls but older plumbing is under the tile, carpet, vinyl, etc. When the water leak goes unnoticed, it will eventually work its way up through the flooring causing property damage. Another strong clue that you may have a plumbing leak is vegetation growing in places where it should not be. This is more typical for a main water line leak outside of the home.

*Tip – many home owners’ insurances will cover damages to a property caused by the leak but not the plumbing repair.

What Happens if a Plumbing Leak is Not Repaired?

The Henderson Department of Utility Services and the Las Vegas Water District are taking leaks very seriously these days and will send out letters to Henderson, NV homeowners advising them of a potential leak. If the leak is not resolve, they will issue fines to the homeowner of the property. So, it’s kind of important to get those leaks repaired in a timely manner.

*Tip – The Las Vegas Water Authority has a program for homeowner’s who have repaired their water leaks and the program conditions is as follows:

  • The customer must have been a resident of the property for a minimum of 13 months at the time of the leak.
  • Consumption must more than double the amount of water used during the same month the previous year.
  • The increase in consumption must have been caused by a leak which has been repaired.
  • The repair must be completed within 90 days of the increase in consumption.
  • The customer’s account must be paid in full.
  • Submission for inclusion into the program must be received within one year of the leak.

If you think you qualify for this program or you want more information, call their customer care department at 702-870-4194.

In conclusion, leak detections are helpful for anyone who believes they have a leak on their property. Not only does repairing the leak help your pocketbook, but it also helps conserve water during this ongoing drought. So do your part and be water smart! Call a licensed local plumber to find that leak and repair it for you!