Dealing with a broken water line is something you don’t do every day, but when it happens, many homeowners tend to panic and get stressed and confused. They don’t know how to deal with such an unusual and upsetting problem. Calling in a professional plumbing service is the first best thing you can do, but what to do you do until they arrive?

Water line repair in Las Vegas is very painful because it is brutal to watch all the water wasting away uncontrollably in our very arid natural environment. Something needs to be done to stop the water flooding from bursting pipes until a plumber comes to the rescue. There are various reasons your water pipe broke, and there are several ways to temporarily stop the water. So, let us begin to explore these things

What Caused Your Water Line to Break?

The most common reason water lines break is age; natural wear and tear. Occasionally, your water line will break due to a disturbance by nearby new construction or repair. So, always be on the lookout for what changes around you. Unfortunately, some lines break well in advance of aging out of service or reaching their maximum maturity because they were improperly installed in the first place by a subpar contractor. Improper installation can come back and bite you years later. That’s why it’s so important to deal with a reputable, known, and reliable company like Innovative Plumbing Pros. Very rarely you may have a situation where someone intentionally broke the pipe. If that appears to be the case and you suspect malicious intent, as you see fit, involve the police.

Some Quick and Easy Fixes

You must be prepared to mediate a broken water line until the plumber you’ve contacted arrives. Turning off the incoming water main is usually the first option. That water main valve is most often located outside the structure and near the curb area in front by the street.  When you have to maintain water flow to the structure, temporarily stopping a leak becomes imperative. Usually, this is done by applying pressure over it. You can wrap duct tape around the broken pipe. Or if you can acquire it, there are some specially designed water sealant tapes available from certain suppliers. If tape wrapping doesn’t work, try one of the following tactics:

1- Use a C-Clamp: Get a C-clamp, some suitable blocks of wood, and a piece of rubber like an old tire or bicycle inner tube. Turn off the water supply, place the rubber over the leak, and put the block of wood on top of that. Open the C-clamp and place the screw part of it on the block of wood. Then tighten the screw clamp down until it applies the required pressure.

2- Use a Sleeve Clamp: This is often the best option. It stops all kinds of leaks, from small pinholes to larger ones. A sleeve clamp has two semicircle metal pieces which when put together fully surround the pipe and its leak. Other than the clamp itself, you’ll only need a screwdriver to connect the two halves of the sleeve together by tightening the screws on each side of the clamp.

These repairs are recommended by some of the best plumbers in Las Vegas. However, one thing you need to remember is that these repairs are only temporary and are not alternatives to proper and permanent repairs. Repairs should only be done by a professional plumber in Las Vegas. The above methods only buy you enough time to contact a legitimate plumbing service to come and take control of the situation. If you want one of the best plumbers in Las Vegas to do the repairs at your place then contact Innovative Plumbing Pros, LLC. Rest assured you’ll find our water line repair service in Las Vegas to be quick, effective, efficient, and most importantly, affordable.